Marketing Manager: Blogger/Small Publisher Migration
Saul Carlin

Saul, considering your target, is this San Francisco/NY based only? 
I know of an amazing strategist & marketer, she’s devised, managed and evaluated countless bloggers & publishers campaigns. She’s lead the change of an awarded agency’s business model, from traditional PR to customized content marketing. And devised strategies for numerous brands to become local media companies. But she’s in Europe…

Note: obviously I’m biased, she was my superior for 5 and a half years. While we’d have strong disagreements just about once a year, we learned to grow as a team through them. Looking back, I think 80% of the reasons I stayed there was because of this person. She’s the most constructively discontent person I know, a great leader of change, an innovator when it comes to content. I knew I had so much to learn from her creative skills. And still do, even now when we both work independently.

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