A Boy’s Plan and a Girl’s Cure

By: Ioanna Engarhos

He had her under a spell.

A bind.


(Or at least, that was the plan.)

He cupped her chin in his palm and traced an outline of her lips with his thumb, and all those plans went in the trash. He forgot about his sexy drawl and bedroom eyes.

All he could see was her eyes fluttering close and now she gripped the boy’s leather jacket, desperate for stability. He focused on their noses touching and her hair that smelt like vanilla. The way that her wide eyes had looked up at him scared him. It scared him because no girl had ever looked at him like that before. Like she trusted and care and believed in him.

Instead of taking charge, he found himself hesitating and wanting to this right.

(It’s not a game anymore.)

“Can I kiss you?” He mumbled. His breath fanned her face and they were so close she couldn’t see his face properly anymore. For a scary second, she didn’t respond. Her blue eyes were gazing at him in wonder and her head tilted to the side.

He should’ve just done it. What kind of man was he now? What would his friends say? What is she thinking right now?

But before he could back away, her mouth chased his and forced him to stubble a few steps. They collided in an awkward hug and bumped each other on the chin, but she held his face with a foreign tenderness and pressed her lips against his.

It was a frenzy mess, months of passion releasing from them at once. He didn’t seem to know where to put his hands, so he settled on running them down her back and under her coat, and up her arms and down her legs. She reached upwards and clutched onto his hair, kissing him like no girl had before.

As she yanked down on his roots, he let out an embarrassingly loud groan and pulled away to regain his breath. He pecked her nose and she let out the cutest giggle ever, and it made his heart swell.

“This isn’t nothing. Right?” She said, her chest heaving. How could she be insecure now? Can’t she tell?

“I will stay with you as long as you want me to.” He said. She watched his jaw clench and his Adam’s apple move. It was the biggest romantic confession he ever said to anyone.

He held the side of her face and she leaned into it, pressing a kiss on his knuckles.

The same knuckles that have punched more people he can count and the same ones that shattered his bathroom mirror. The same ones that made a dent on his car and a scar on his enemies forehead. The same ones that run his eyes and wipe his tears.

But it was healed now.

(And will be for a long time.)

If you enjoyed it please like a 💚. I got inspiration to write this from the television show Freaks and Geeks, and the characters Daniel and Lindsay who had the most chemistry.

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