How Batman can help your Social Media! #truestory

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You happen to know Batman, right? And how Batman just appears somewhere and only by saying “I’m Batman” he is always in context? This is exactly what I’m going to teach you today, HOW TO BE IN CONTEXT WITH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT. And yes, you’ve read right; Batman [and all his being and doing and actions and whatever] is the reason why I understood and am giving to you now this great tip on how you can best utilize the content you put out there.

And when I say content, I am talking about the content you now know how to best create using:

1. the Honest Conjecture or

2. the Guru Paradigm or

3. the Third Wheel Paradox.

And I’m sure by now you create your content magnificently, I totally believe in you! But now the crucial question comes: how are going to best utilize it and make it work for you, long term?

The three C’s technique, deriving straight from Batman comes to your rescue!

Step one → Context!

You need to remember that whatever you write and whatever you put out there, it always has to be in the right context. Who are you targeting? Who is your ideal avatar? Who is the person who reads what you write or sees the videos you create? Always have your ideal avatar in your mind. Always consider your niche market and be relevant. Otherwise, guess what… Your content has absolutely no meaning. Even if it is the best it can’t really work for you.

Example: If I create an amazing video of me dancing but I want to apply for The Voice, how is dancing going to help me to a show that I am appreciated because of my voice? You get the meaning, right?

So, context is that important. And you need to prove you are in context from the first couple of lines or seconds (depending on the form of your content). Why? Because the attention spine nowadays is less than 14 seconds! Don’t lose them mate… Give them value at first sight!

Step two → Content!

This is where my motto derives from. Give value first. I know we have talked about content before and I know you still might need more info on that! I promise I’ll come back! I have so many tips on content to share with you. But for now always keep in mind

- What is the right content for my followers?

- How you can I best utilize it?

- How I can spread it across my social media platforms?

Just do not forget that CONTENT is what gives value.

Step three → Connect!

In the end, never forget to connect!

This is what the majority of people crave from you. They want to connect with you. They want to feel that you are authentic towards them.

Thus, when you create something and you give it to your followers try to connect with them. Be it a “call to action”, be it a step you want them to take, be it a question they can send you and you will (of course) answer. Always get the amazing people that give you their attention to connect in the end.

As for you be there, be present, be consistent, be accountable for what you say and do, respect your followers time.

And this is the three C’s technique deriving straight from Batman!

Come on, go ahead, use it, utilize it, find out how it can work for you, send over an email, a snap, an insta story, a facebook message, whatever. You can find me everywhere. I will answer every question you have for me. Because this is how I GIVE VALUE FIRST!

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