Why Bill Gates makes more money than you…

Today, I would like us to discuss the way you are doing sales for your business.

Why? Because:

→ there are 1 million different strategies you can follow when selling


→ there are only 2 different ways to actually sell.

And even though sales strategies seem so interesting and mysterious we have to take a step back.

We need to have clarity regarding the way we do sales today and decide whether this is something that serves us or not. Once we come to the decision regarding the way we want to sell, then and only then we can look for imaginative sales strategies.

Thus, even before the selling part begins, have you ever wondered what is the difference between us and Bill Gates?

Have you ever wondered how come Bill Gates and all these millionaires out there have empires in the business world? Or if they even deserve all that money?

After all, let’s talk numbers.

Let’s take a freelancer providing an X service. For example, a business coach.

  • solopreneur
  • working let’s say in Greece in 2017
  • having a 9 h working day on average
  • of course works hard all these hours.

At the end of the day they can’t get more than 100–150 euros on average.

Let’s see the Bill Gates case now. Bill Gates also works hard 9 hours a day; but makes 8,78 million per day (in 2015 according to Forbes).

So, what is the big difference between the two? For sure it’s not the hard work. Both the freelancer and Bill Gates work hard. And they also work the same amount of hours.


Well, the difference lies in something I always talk about. It is a word very dear to me. And this word is IMPACT.

The work that a freelancer is doing can affect only a finite number of people. While when Bill Gates creates a computer millions of people are impacted and are getting value from it.

Back to you. How many people do you affect with your work? How many people do you help? How many people get value from you daily? And there is no excuses. With the help of the internet you can expand your impact, increase the numbers of people you give value too and it is also for free! From the internet itself to the incredible online tools that you can utilise with no money or a very small & affordable fee.


Hence, here are the 2 ways you can do a sale.

1. Talk about you and your product and only try to sell

2. Give Value First

And what I am telling you is not just theory. I have seen it working from a florist shop guy and a dentist to SaaS teams!

And because I want to be even more specific, I would like to give you some tactics & tools you can use for your own business once you finish reading this article.

As I said before, millions of different strategies. But here are the ones that were proven more efficient when I used them for my own companies:

1. Do a webinar. Educate people live for your product or service. Create a connection and build trust

2. Create a lead Magnet.

3. Create a weekly educational newsletter

4. Do a facebook/Instagram/YouTube live. Connect with your business’s followers through platforms that feel at ease and are not salesy.

5. Create free live events

6. Do giveaways

7. Give discounts

8. Etc etc etc

Go ahead, give it a try. I am not asking you to believe me. All I am asking is to try and bring more impact and value into your job & business! And let me know how it worked for you. I am positive you will see tremendous results even inside a period of 6 months if you:

- Create more impact

- Reach more people

- Give more value out there

Of course all these will work if and only if you have a clear idea of who your ideal customer is and what is the niche market you target!

Until next time keep impact-ing.

And thank you for your time. Always.


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