13 key ingredients of a successful IRIS implementation Project

Having a clear definition of the scope of work in place well ahead in the project initiation phase itself

Rigorous mapping of business processes to the needed functionality followed by cost-effective and technically competent vendor selection capable to deliver the desired functionality.

Ensure configuration of all ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ business processes into ERP Software to avoid gaps in the functionalities provided by ERP and the business processes .

Proper synchronization of various phases of the project to derive the anticipated benefits from on-line integrated business processes and optimization in Supply Chain Management.

Well-defined work processes to track the promised tangible benefits on an ongoing basis after implementation

Prior risk assessment to mitigate data loss through unexpected breakdown of information links, physical disasters, etc.

Adequate sign-off procedures to be followed by the Company at the time of ‘go-live’ to ensure that no data (such as data pertaining to physical inventory and stock) shall be uploaded without purification and authentication from no less than a HOD level from each concerned department.

Institute system of regular reviews for ensuring the fulfilment of quality assurance

Devise a long range plan and strategy with well documented performance indicators and targets for ensuring usability on an ongoing basis

Good governance team in place to monitor all critical aspects on a continuous basis all through the project implementation phase

Develop in-house capabilities to sustain the system operability through experience gained from being an integral part of the implementation team

Effective communication of the project roadmap to all levels of the organization

Provide adequate training to all users for operating in the new technological environment


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