io.js and a node.js Foundation

Feb 10, 2015 · 2 min read

The current state of reconciliation.

One week ago Scott Hammond, CEO of Joyent, invited the io.js TC (Technical Committee) to a private meeting where he expressed his intention to start a node.js Foundation and his desire to bring io.js back to the node.js project.

In only a few months io.js has grown to 23 active core team members, several working groups, 27 language localization teams, and has been able to release quality software at a good pace with the support of an exceptional community. We’ve been able to accomplish this through an open governance structure that has rejuvenated the community and drawn more contributors to the project than we’ve ever had in the history of node.js.

The only thing that could make io.js better is putting to rest the questions hanging over the future of our split with node.js. We are eager to put this all behind us but we can’t sacrifice the progress we’ve made or the principles and open governance that got us here.

Talks with Joyent are ongoing. Once the foundation has a technical governance model you will see an issue on io.js’ GitHub about whether io.js should join which will be discussed and voted on openly in a public TC meeting following the governance rules we’ve already built.

For the community, nothing has changed. Please continue to send your pull requests to io.js, join one of the 27 language localization teams, contribute to io.js’ working groups (streams, website, evangelism, tracing, build, roadmap), and continue to adopt io.js in your applications. We intend to continue releasing and improving io.js even if the name might change some day ☺

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