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Bounty Campaign is ON! iOlite — Making Smart Contracts Easy

iOlite’s official Bounty Campaign is now on air!

Offering its participants a total allocation of 1% off all “ILT” tokens to be created estimated at 10,000,000 ILT tokens — AKA the “ILT bounty pool”.

As the project moves towards the TGE the total number of tokens in circulation may vary but in any case 1% will still be designated to the bounty campaign. The duration of the campaign will be from its starting day until the end of the TGE weather by its finishing date to be announced later on or by reaching the TGE hard cap. The total ILT bounty pool will be allocated to the several campaign pools as presented here. The participants in each campaign will share the total allocated bounty designated for their campaign according to the stakes each one of them had received. In most campaigns the Stakes will be given to the participants for each week they participated in the campaign making those who joined early receive bigger stakes. The idea behind the iOlite bounty campaign is to gain exposure and to spread the word about iOlite all over the crypto world. Our end goal is to reach every corner of the crypto markets, however make no mistake will not tolerate any spamming, trolling, abusive talk, bots, multiple & farm accounts or any other misconduct from any bounty participant and reserves the right to ban and disqualify participants who will be found doing so at any stage of the campaign. pay close attention to the following description of each bounty as the reward criteria varies in each campaign.

Articles, Videos & Blogs campaign — up to 30% of the ILT bounty pool

We want to give our community the opportunity to take part in the mission and represent iOlite to different crowds around the globe and to receive appropriate reward for doing so. We want to attract key influencers, community moderators, youtubers, bloggers and many other content writers with large audience in English and possibly other languages to take part in the campaign by creating quality content to be shared in the different medias. All publications will be measured by their quality, length, audience and creativity and will get different stakes accordingly. The quantitative threshold for written materials must be above 500 words while videos must be over a minimum of 5 minutes.

Blogs & Articles

  • 2,000 + words article — 500–1,000 stakes
  • 1,000–2,000 words article — 300–500 stakes
  • 500–1,000 words article — 100–300 stakes
  • Self written blog — 75 stakes
  • Translated or team written blog — 25 stakes


  • 8+ Minutes high quality video — 700–2,000 stakes
  • 4–8 Minutes high quality video — 200–700 stakes
  • 4 or less Minutes high quality video — 50–200 stakes

Participation Form: https://goo.gl/AqWwK6

Friends of iOlite Campaign — up to 20% of the ILT bounty pool

iOlite is all about community. It is designed in such a way that the wider the adoption of the community, the greater its benefit and use cases are. Having said that we would like to give our community the incentive and tools helping us building our lines. In the ‘Friends of iOlite Campaign’ each participant will have the opportunity to serve as one of iOlite’s agents, bringing iOlites message to its near surrounding. After applying for the campaign, each agent will receive 4,000 ILT tokens for every 10 new members introduced to iOlite’s project and joined our Telegram group.

Each agent will have to fill ‘Members Recruiting Form’ in below, where he will report about the new members he enlisted. iOlite’s admins will contact the newcomers and after verifying them the agent stakes will be approved.

Participation Form: https://goo.gl/7MLdYt 
Members Recruiting Form: https://goo.gl/w6tTg5

For the avoidance of doubt the friends of iOlite campaign is intended for onboarding our community to help us spread the word about our unique and social oriented vision by sharing our ideas and ways of thinking, any misconduct either by spamming or false promises will result in immediate disqualification and banning from all iOlite campaigns on the sole opinion of the project.

iOlite Translation Campaign — up to 5% of the ILT bounty pool

We want iOlite to become a common word in every corner of the globe. We also understand that in order to do so we must need to continue our efforts making the abstract and complex crypto ecosystem as simple as we can. We want our message and vision to be spoken about in every local crypto community out there and for that reason we offer the following translation bounties:

  • Whitepaper translation — 1,500 stakes
  • Website translation — 800 stakes
  • Specific common language ANN threads — 800 stakes
  • Article translation — 700 stakes
  • One pager translation — 250 stakes

All translation must be pre approved first and will be manually checked for Google translating and copying and if find to be so will be disqualified.
In order to participate in this campaign please fill the form: https://goo.gl/C5XTNu and wait for a confirmation by PM.

iOlite Ambassadors Campaign — up to 5% of the ILT bounty pool

iOlite is all about crossing the global borders and as such we want to reach every crypto community out there. Serving as iOlite’s ambassadors can be achieved by arranging and hosting local meetups and presenting iOlite in front of your local community. Acting as an ambassador can be qualified by other activities designed to raise awareness and bring exposure to the project, either by translating jobs or any other local activities you have in mind.

In order to take part in this campaign: Send a PM to iOlite’s admins through email nir@iolite.io / @niriolite (telegram) or hosam@iolite.io / @hmazawi (telegram) and get their approval first.

iOlite’s Instagram campaign — up to 5% off the ILT bounty pool

We are launching the first of its kind Instagram hashtag campaign! All you need to do is take a photo of yourself or the surrounding indicating a moment where you wish you had an effective toll implementing Smart Contract Technology to assist you in the current situation. The idea behind the campaign is to show that iOlite’s system can be used in a variety of occasions throughout the day. By the end of the campaigns all participants will share the designated Instagram pool according to their stakes.
In order to qualify, when uploading the photo, each participant must use the following Hashtags:

  • #iolitefoundation
  • #Blockchain
  • #Ethereum
  • #Smartcontracts
  • #ICO
  • #TGE
  • #bitcoin
  • #cryptocurrency

After uploading the photo, participants must fill the following form: https://goo.gl/N8i4zW

Social Campaign — up to 10% off the ILT bounty pool

We want you to be part of our inner circle and be part of our social channels community. In order to qualify for our bounty, each of the Social networks campaign participants must be active in our Facebook page, Twitter account and our Telegram group with the following guidelines and criteria:

Facebook Likes/Shares
First like our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/iolitelabs/
Then, until the end of the campaign you must Like or share at least 5 posts per week made on our official Facebook page. Notice that in order to be eligible, every participating Facebook profile must contain a minimum of 150 friends.

  • 150–800 followers — 1 weekly stake
  • 801 + followers — 2 weekly stakes

Twitter Re-tweets
First follow our Twitter at https://twitter.com/iOliteLabs
From there on until the end of the campaign you must re-tweet at least 5 tweets per week made by our official Twitter account AND 2 tweets per weeks 1 max per day, about the project using iOlite’s Hashtags #iOlite , #MakingSmartContractsEasy. 
Retweets of iOlite’s retweets will not be counted. Notice that in order to be eligible, each Twitter profile must have a minimum of 150 followers

  • 150–1,500 followers — 1 weekly stake
  • 1,501 + followers — 2 weekly stakes

After the first posting / retweeting, participants must fill the following form https://goo.gl/N8i4zW

First join our Telegram here: https://t.me/iolite 
In order to be eligible for the reward a weekly message must be made in the group. The messages must be regarding the progress of the project and not bounty related, posting quality of each participant will be checked and monitored.

Miscellaneous Campaigns — up to 25% off the ILT bounty pool

The miscellaneous bounty pool will be reserved for future campaigns, as backup for strengthening existing campaigns pools and for your suggestions. We have several more bounty ideas and we will announce them later on as we go further into the campaign. If you have an idea for a campaign or if you have an offer for your services such as: listing in ICO info pages, leads to sponsors and advisors and whatever you think is relevant and bounty worthy feel free to contact us!

Public Sheets (For each bounty)

For any other question or clarification required please feel free to contact us at info@iolite.io