iomob: the foundation of new disability mobility app, CityMaaS Assist

CityMaaS is a new startup on the mobility scene, but they are planning to use iomob blockchain protocol to solve an age old problem — unequal access to mobility services for disabled people.

The iomob team has received early confirmation that the platform we are building will provide fundamental new business opportunities to smart mobility startups, as new mobility hub, CityMaaS, commits to building on iomob blockchain technology to launch the ‘CityMaas Assist’ disability mobility app in 2019/2020.

Navigating cities remains incredibly difficult for many disabled people. Limited choices for urban transportation and inaccessible platforms are an everyday part of their lives, exacerbating their existing lack of bodily mobility.

Lack of suitable mobility options is not only a frustrating waste disabled people’s time but also makes some locations utterly unreachable for them. This impinges on their ability to carry out basic, everyday activities like everyone else and actively participate in society and civic life — wherever they are.

As Tasha, who has to care for her disabled mother who uses a wheelchair, highlights: “getting on the train/tube causes some anxiety because of how busy it could be or not knowing which carriage to get on. Not knowing all the details or where it’s possible to get a train, tube or bus just adds additional stress to travelling and therefore we just don’t go into London as a family now, or very rarely”, adding “having something through which we could plan our journey, that we could trust, would ease a lot of stress.”

“having something through which we could plan our journey, that we could trust, would ease a lot of stress.”

So how exactly will it work? CityMaas Assist will be a decentralised mobility app that matches user’s needs with appropriately trained and equipped transportation. It will capitalise on iomob’s protocol to secure users’ data, and leverage machine learning to “learn” user’s travel behaviours and improve its mobility-matching abilities over time.

Disabled customers will have access to personalised travel options that match their exact needs. This will not only help them to travel unhindered through the city but also save them significant amounts of resources, as the app will allow them to make full use of public transport wherever possible.

CEO of CityMaaS, Rene Perkins, asserts:

“CityMaaS Assist will change the way people with disability travel. Through the dedicated app, we will use artificial intelligence to continually improve our routing and suggest options for our customers based on crowdsourced data. We value our customer data highly and so we plan to anonymise all user data through iomob’s Blockchain technology.”

The CityMaaS team.

CityMaaS Assist is only a concept at this stage, but iomob’s protocol will be integral to how it works. Essentially, CityMaaS are planning to convert iomob’s white label top level app to CityMaaS Assist, eventually also creating a version for the visually-impaired.

Through working with Mobility Service Providers, CityMaaS will be able to incorporate all the necessary info for the app into APIs, which will then be sent to iomob. Partnering with iomob also offers a lot of potential in terms of scaling the platform. In the words of Ms Perkins, CityMaaS “are excited to partner with iomob” because “utilising their ground-breaking technology will allow us to build the scale we need [for CityMaas Assist].”

CityMaaS Assist will not only benefit disabled travellers, it will also have major advantages for mobility providers too. Alongside giving providers access to a new, increased customer base, Assist will also allow them to effectively match transportation supply and demand, minimizing idle time and increasing return-on-investment.

In the future, CityMaaS hope to work with local and central governments to create better transport services for disabled people in cities worldwide. Through leveraging the insights gathered from the data they will collect through Assist (made both transparent and anonymous through iomob’s blockchain technology), more strategic and more inclusive transport planning will be made possible.

CityMaaS is in the process of creating a common data marketplace, where any data aggregated through both their general platform (CityMaaS) and through the new Assist app, can be shared with policy-makers, academics, and any other stakeholders involved in urban planning, in order to make city transport better for all.

iomob and CityMaaS share a desire to decentralise urban mobility and make it accessible to all city dwellers. With the help of iomob, CityMaaS are expanding their reach into new markets and helping to make urban transportation more inclusive the world over.

Fill in CityMaaS’s online survey now to help them build more disabled-friendly urban mobility services!

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