Making Your Website More Personalized — Useful Tips to Follow

When a visitor comes to your website, he/she is looking for an experience and it is your job to give them that. After all, that’s what makes them happy and happy customers means a successful business.

So what is meant by ‘experience’? What are they exactly looking for? Well, they are looking to see something unique. One of the most effective ways to make your site unique is by making it personalized. This way, different customers would have different things to look at your site, all of which would be customized according to their taste. This would make them more comfortable and they would find it easier to browse your website. This would also put them at the center and if they feel that you are thinking about them, then that would only increase the popularity of your site.

In this post, we would be looking at some of the most useful ways for making your website more personalized.

1. Allow User Profiles — One of the most effective ways of personalizing your site is by creating user profiles. User profiles are beneficial to the user and the owners of the website as well. This helps the user to personalize the look as certain functions of the website. This way the user would be able to use the site just the way he or she wants. On the other hand, it also gives you tons of information about the user, which would help you in efficient targeting.

2. Allow Geo Location — Knowing the location of the customer in most cases, would help you to provide better service to the user. This is the reason why you need to enable geo location for your website, so that you can know the location of the company with ease. This might be easier for mobile devices but desktops would ask for permission from the user every time. That might be a bit frustrating for the user, but most of them would probably give the permission.

3. Use the Data You Have — To focus the attention on your customer, you need to use the data you have smartly. For example, if you have an ecommerce site, you can provide the customer with product recommendation based on the products the user has previously bought or searched at your store. Similarly, if a user had visited a product page too often but haven’t bought the product, you can offer him or her special discount. That would amaze the customer and he/she would be more inclined to buy the product.

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