“The Darkest Hour” Approaches.

The crowdsale ends at some unspecified moment on Sunday, June 16th. At the moment the sale ends, the unsold supply allocated for the IEO will be removed from the market. We’re calling this, “The Darkest Hour.”

Buy it or burn it!

Any unsold portion will be provably burned after the full 71,000 supply is generated. Burning the unsold portion could constitute a hyper-deflationary event that will ripple through the Dark Matter tokenomics. If a portion is burned, then everyone who bought owns an even greater proportion of the XDM network.

Get ready to trade

Immediately after the crowdsale ends, the XDM/ION trading pair will become a free market. Shortly after the XDM/ION trading pair goes live, a new XDM/BTCtrading pair will also open on the ionomy Exchange.



Secure Dark Matter at the best prices of the IEO!

Price goes up 10% in Round #2, and each round after that. Don’t miss this chance.

What’s the supply?

There will be 71,000 XDM tokens to start. Every time someone moves XDM on the blockchain, a little bit of XDM gets burned as a transaction fee.

Golden Hour approaches

Only the top orders will execute on Saturday, May 25, at any time between 10–11 AM Central. Just like normal market rules, bids will fill in the order they were placed until 7100 XDM are sold. …

Darkmatter XDM

Introducing Dark Matter

What you get with Dark Matter (XDM) is an asset with a limited, shrinking supply that has practical utility. The more people use XDM, the faster the supply shrinks. It’s a utility token. And it’s a store of value. Say hello to the first token on the ION blockchain.

What’s the supply?

There will be 71,000 XDM tokens to start. Every time someone moves XDM on the blockchain, a little bit of XDM gets burned as a transaction fee.

What’s Dark Matter’s utility?

Anyone who wants to create a new token on the ION blockchain must spend some XDM to create the token. Gaming is the primary…

As we finish our roll-out of crypto gaming initiatives for 2019, it’s clear we saved the best for last. ionomy is looking to exponentially expand the use of crypto in gaming. We’re not competing with the isolated ETH communities like Enjin. As Chief Strategist Adam Matlack, reported in our latest live chat, “we’re competing with Amazon…” GameDock will put better crypto tools in the hands of more developers, and much sooner, than anything Amazon has on offer.

Matlack and ionomy General Manager Richard Nelson also demonstrated the “two click” process for developers to integrate GameGrid tournaments into their games. …

GameGrid debut

Two weeks ago, ionomy debuted GameGrid, a platform just for game developers.

GameGrid makes it easy for game developers to build crypto incentives into their games:

  • Design and deliver tournaments with crypto prizes
  • Give gamers true ownership of tradable gaming assets
  • Customize in-game currency for real money trading
  • Raise funds for new game development

Are you feeling Lucky?

Then last Friday, ionomy announced a major new partnership with Korean game studio Lucky Tap, signaling the valuable synergies between GameGrid services and the gaming space.

Lucky Tap makes mobile gambling apps, casino apps, and table games. There are two main types:

  • The first is virtual…

Today, Chief Strategist Adam Matlack and ionomy GM Richard Nelson announced GameGrid, a revolutionary platform for developers to leverage the power of blockchain.

GameGrid lets developers focus on games while crypto experts like ionomy simplify integration to bring (and keep) more people playing. A few highlights include:

  • Gamecloud support means that GameGrid manages the data, progress and game assets;
  • Unity3D API, which means plug-and-play integration with the most popular building tool used by independent game developers;
  • Bracket Tournaments, leagues and head-to-head challenges, for more incentivization options;
  • Integration beyond mobile gaming, to allow crypto incentives on console and desktop games;
  • Crowdfunding…

The game that started it all now makes a triumphant return as ionomy Studios proudly announces the release of Crypto Gravity 2.0 on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Lead character Grav returns to confront deadly robots and jump his way through a maze of challenges as he fights to beat the clock. The touch-and-tilt controls are easy to learn as you steer through increasing levels of difficulty.

This time out, Grav is facing tougher enemies in more deadly flavors. To better combat these new foes, there is now a gear store where you can power up with advanced weaponry, stronger defenses, and increased jumping power.

With a free ionomy.com account, every player is eligible to win tournament prizes, paid in ION, if they place highly enough on the leaderboard.

The new tournament cycle begins upon release.

Available: Monday, March 25th, at 00:01 GMT



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