This is why an extremly rare engine&controls failure is a possible cause of crash A320

From basic analysis of the (Registre de suivi des vols ✈ GWI9525 ✈ 24–03–2015 ✈ LEBL / BCN — EDDL / DUS ✈ FlightAware) data, we can deduce:
1) Barely after passing a waypoint over the Mediterranea Sea near Toulon, some type of failures occured during a left turn from 46° to 26° and the plane started descending anormally from its 38,000 feet cruise attitude.

2) At 10h30, while the plan starts descending at 3,000 feet/min, the speed strangely deacreased slightly from 887km/h to 874km/h. Even at 10h34, after descending from 38,000 feet to 28,400 feet, its speed was still 888km/h which is the same speed he cruised at 38,000 feet. This could mean some kind of engine failure because if engine power wouldn’t have been changed and the plane’s nose dove, speed shouldn’t be stable unless flaps are deployed, which is useless there.

3) After 10h35, the airplaine speed decreased from 900km/h to 772km/h while still descending at 3,200feet/min which would confirm engines were probably somehow off.

It seems that flight controls failed completely as after heading at 26° and anormally desceding fast, the plane headed 26° exactly till it crashed as if on autopilot still.
D-AIPX — Germanwings — Aircraft info and flight history — Flightradar24(play the flight path till 10h30)

Where the plane started descending anormally (10h30), the pilots had the possiblity of emergency landing in Marseille or even Nice where there are long international airports but even if the plane seemed in trouble descending, it didn’t change its cap, not even by 1°.

It reminds me of MH370 or Helios 522 famous ghost plane crash mainly because flight 4U9525 (airbus 320) didn’t respond to many radio calls and did not signal their emergency situation (mayday…) or perhaps DC-10 emergency landing at Sioux due to total hydraulic controls failure.

It is not possible that cabine pressure kicked-in very early over the Mediterranean mainly because oxygen masks for pilots last 30min and they would have contacted the airport over the radio to signal the problem.

I think terrorist attacks or suicide theory can be ruled out too because the cap hasn’t changed a bit (no signs of fight in the cabine) as if the plane was on autopilot till the end.

IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THERE WAS SOME KIND OF REALLY RARE ENGINE FAILURE COUPLED WITH FLIGHT CONTROLS FAILURE or unability to turn off autopilot and the pilots might have tried many solutions and didn’t have time to contact the radio or the radio failed too.
Looking forward to hear other theories as comments below.

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