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Everyday the Alternative tours are offered and allows travellers & visitors as well as local residents to consider the world city of Barcelona with alternative focuses. Social tours. Human rights tours. Street art tours. minor Modernist architecture tours putting Gaudi in better context. Jewish heritage tour. Tours which go off the beaten track. Groups are limited in size. The Alternative tour themes touch on a plethora of issues and concerns, each tour is different responding to the profile of the guests. Tell me your priorities and the 3 hour walk is tailored for you. All effort may be made to help minorities or special need guests or “alternatives” to deepen their knowledge, enrich their experience make contact with peers. Ask me! Learn how anarchist housing activists moved from slogans into municipal government. Learn about the problems of tourism. Learn about lots.., That said the tour is not all sugar and ice cream. That is for tourists.

Lots of people do not have sugar and ice cream.., ⚤♿☮⚧ Tour lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours and is focussed mostly on the historic Xino area of cuitat vella. Highlights include meeting one of the more prolific artists, discounted entry to local theatre and seeing the oldest graffits in the city dated over 300 years.

Ⓐ Using the time frame of the development of libertarian socialist &/or anarchist beliefs from the mid 19th century through to our 21st century in Barcelona the Alternative tour goes on a journey through public shared space to hear a commentary and critique on human rights, urban planning, grassroots democracy, migration, slavery, refugees and yet always the torch of freedom. Street art, street artists language meets creative studio space and public thoroughfare. We encounter secret gardens. We learn the concerns of the real people who live in Barcelona.

Stories which are challenging and sometimes disturbing but never insipid nor to be ignored. Barcelona survives and inspires the many thousands of visitors who pass through it have an opportunity through the alternative tour to learn about local ideas with true global impact.

the Tour begins at the “placa del milicia desconegut” which was the name of a section of placa josep oriol behind maria del pi church in the gothic during the spanish civil war. The name was restored in 2004.

Iosaf was born in Dublin, Ireland in the 1970s and spent his childhood and young years between the Atlantic Irish coast and the south of England, Oxford and London. He was lucky to win scholarships to study classical, early and medieval music and art internationally. 無名 As a young adult he took part in the British Irish peace process campaigning on social issues and gender equality in Ireland whilst also campaigning for political prisoner release and penal reform in the UK. He took part in think tanks which led to conflict resolution and constitutional reform in both countries. Throughout his life he has held a variety of jobs raging from social historian to bookseller, market trader to software quality engineer, dj to teacher, classical musician to rave organizer.

The late 1990s saw him adopt a variety of anarchist platforms and play a role in internet projects associated with global protest movements, negotiation between authorities and squatters in London. He came to Barcelona in 2001 mobilised against the World Bank meeting which was subsequently cancelled. In the post 9–11 world, he has been active internationally in a variety of internet projects focussing on human rights and pacifism and information flow.

refugee, migrant, traveller, tourist : they all need their papers

He works as an independent tour guide of the historic old city with small groups and so feels a responsibility to offer information & a “counter-tourist” view through the alternative tour which he created as his own personal project 4 years ago.

Those who come along for the walk & talk shall be offered introductions to communities and individuals active in all topics and areas touched upon.

(please contact me +34 671 16 05 19 )

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