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Gurgle gurgle — You are quite a specimen are you not? Anarchism is a philosophy adhered to and championed by the architects of the very system you used to communicate, “the internet”. Anarchists were instrumental in the extension of basic literacy achieved through free universal education regardless of ethnicity, class, origin or faith. Thus you can write what you thought. I doubt any meritocratic system would waste the resources on bringing you through either alphabet or algebra. But I won’t carry on in that vein. It would be too easy…. You wrote “Atheism, moral & philosophical anarchy, has existed since the beginning of time and has never created a successful society”. You are very sure of yourself aren’t you? So let me introduce you to the Nassau & Caribbean pirate collectives which between 1650 and 1718 saw autonomous individuals develop one of the leading economies of the Americas, a unique jurisprudence, a social welfare system & I note you used the word “faggotry”well they accepted same sex unions too. Oh I am just getting started. But back to you. What successful economy, jurisprudence and social welfare system may we credit to Taoism? It is a pity you trolled the tag.