O12 nothing to celebrate. I honour no Genocide.

Today should be marked globally as a day of genocide. The Columbine exchange arguably marked the beginning of the anthropocene. It undeniably led to the deaths of millions through disease. It unequivocally led to western imperialist conquests and conceits which continue amongst the delusional even today. Every October 12 I think to myself how different it could have been. But an alternate history is folly, we must concentrate on an alternative future. This afternoon I shall host the alternative walkabout of Barcelona with particular focus on the day of Genocide. Its economic consequences still felt today amongst our migrant communities. Its imperialist arrogance still resplendent in the intransigence shown by the Spanish state to Catalan nationhood and legitimate majority wish for independent statehood. Its memorials and historiography. & as always I shall expose the lies of the tourism industry. The biggest lie which every tour guide and guide book repeats is the meeting in 1493 between Colombus and Isabel and Ferdinand in Barcelona which saw the 6 girls (of 30) who had been taken in chains from the carribean baptised in the cathedral.

The girls were brought in chains.

24 died. That is true. 6 survived. That is true.

But the meeting between crown and conquerer, baptist and slave did not occur in the city of Barcelona.