Will Trump make God great again?

Is there help yet for the widow’s son Hiram Abiff?

Some thoughts on the announced itinerary of the 45th President of the United Sate’s proposed first foreign visits; to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican and then a meeting of NATO.

All my life I have been conditioned and prepared by American culture for the coming of the Antichrist. My understanding of Christian theology never allowed for the notion that the devil might have babies or spawn. So the myriad dare I say legion of movies which saw diabolical ensoulment were as ridiculous and plain silly to me as the notion that L Ron Hubbard attempted the magickal rite of “Babalon working” with Jack Parsons. Utterly utterly daft yet at some very horrific level touching deep resonant psychology.

My world was (as the formulaic prayer common to many christian denominations and itself a translation of a cabalistic קַבָּלָה axiom expressing the final sephiroth סְפִירוֹת of the holy tree of life) yes- that world — was quite without end. Amen. No Muslim I met growing up in the small multicultural world of Dublin in the 1970s and 1980s that I was very privileged to live in ever mentioned لمسيح الدجّال‎‎ the false prophet of the hadith who like American christian eschatology is more based on rumour and deep psychological forces than scripture. But as Koestler once quipped and I paraphrase the priest of the paranormal because i am too old school to google the precise words : <knowledge has nothing to do with religion everyone reads the bible nobody reads Flavius Josephus.>

nobody reads iosaf o as if’s blog either. so eschatology is quite safe. So it seems is wisdom hidden away by mindsets determined to fulfil prophecy.

Donald J Trump has chosen a global pit stop whirlwind tour, of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome. instead of the traditional first foreign visit to Canada or Mexico or even the equally traditional trip overseas to handshake with her Britannic majesty. More particularly he seems to want to get as close he can get to Mecca, Masada in Israel and the Holy See or Vatican City.., He shall tour the 3 great monotheistic religions. Then he will chair a meeting of NATO the most powerful war alliance on the planet. Sincewe are talking about a clear narcissistic problem person here, let us pray to anyone who listens that he be impeached before his holidays.

Mecca means he will talk oil and women’s rights as the alt right assure us in Saudi and probably check out the environmentally friendly golf courses. His apologists tell us that his حج hajj will reset the whole muslim world or الأمة الإسلاميةummah <(or should that be أمة المؤمنين ummat al-mu’minīn? no doubt Trump will know/no the difference and tweet thus upon us)> and so the man who told us he would be the greatest job creator ever created and has said many unkind things about Muslims hopes to change attitudes to fundamentalism. Just like the kind of fundamentalism that is financed by Saudi princes and seen enforced in inglorious and medieval Wahhabi style on the streets and in the malls of that kingdom- Many Muslims will simply consider it all to be blasphemy and I do not mean blasphemy Irish style. I mean they shall think this is all fucked up not fecked up. I shall give you a clue, many Jews and Christians will be likewise very worried by Trump’s little God tour and War conference. Whence (Saudi) he shall he tells us (that after putting an end to suicide bombing and martyrdom) he will make & wend his way to Israel in general and Masada the mythical site of martyrdom and suicide and of course a wee bit of Zionist nationalism. Becaushe understands and cares and he is on a mission.

Yes of all the controversial sites in Israel that Trump could visit he has chosen the mountain of Masada. Why? Because there is an Israeli defence force tradition of torch lit processions up the mountains and swearing that “Masada will never fall again?” Oh goodie — torch lit processions are right up Trump’s street and might remind him of his daddy who was arrested in KKK robes. Or maybe it won’t remind him because shortly before the wonderful crew of Boing Boing found numerous sources for the story, Donald Trump in February 2016 was asked by CNN Jake Tapper to disavow his endorsement from longtime Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke — “I don’t know anything about David Duke,” Trump said. then as an after thought he added, “I know nothing about white supremacists.”


Or perhaps visiting the legendary site where the Jewish war ended in the first century of common era after the destruction of the Temple will encourage some people to think he will bid to build a new one. You know the job creation stuff.

Of course this blog post has nothing to do with ethnicity..,

I am just showing off.., Blowing my own trumpet.,

making a jamelle, oblique and obtuse, indulging my erudition and taking the piss.

Oh I fancy I should mention Josephus again. Because in this day and age more people have heard about him than Koestler. Titus Flavius Josephus (/dʒoʊˈsiːfəs/ lived year 37 — to about 100 common era, was born Joseph ben Matityahu (Hebrew: יוסף הכהן בן מתתיהו‎, Yosef ben Matityahu; Greek: Ἰώσηπος Ματθίου) & is the historian who mentioned Jesus. He also told the Masada story about how Jewish rebels defied Rome and then committed mass suicide and martydom. OF course his account was exposed about 20 years ago as a bit of FAKE NEWS! lordy would you credit it? because archaeological investigations don’t really ring through with the whole thing. hmmmmmmm.,

don’t believe me read Israeli Haaretz about it like Jared Kushner does. Jared is sure to sign or sing or tweet or product place during this part of the Trumping. http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/archaeology/.premium-1.563888 or if you do not fancy pay for view go here http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/ancient-battle-divides-israel-as-masada-myth-unravels-1275878.html

I hope that someone will read out the poem on refugees in 1923–1924, by the poet Yitzhak Lamdan who illegally migrated to the British Palestinian mandate after the pogroms which took place in his Ukranian home following the Bolshevik revolution, Soviet civil war & you know history stuff… when his family were mostly killed…. history stuff… terrible being a refugee. Lamdan’s poetry really helped bring the tragedy of the fall of the jewish people at the end of the first century common era to the Masada experience. It is an experience. of course it is. great. really great.

אני בעודי מחשק את נפשי המתפוררת בחשוקי-

אמץ אחרונים ברחתי עם חצות לספינת גולים לעלות מסדה.

It shall then come to pass that Donald Trump will make his way to the city of seven hills which is known as Rome. Thence to the war machine NATO/OTAN and then the council which is called G7. Within which city of Rome he shall find the enclave city and state and theocracy of the Holy See known as the Vatican whereupon he shall talk to one of the living popes. Or perhaps both. Who knows? He’s special and by then will be treated with grace and awe. of course he will. He probably will prefer the blingy pope and stay off camera and be shy like when he meets Russians.

the emeritus pope, ex holiness does gucci shoes and bling so may be more Trump’s style.

A reminder of how I wrote about Pope Francis giving one of his rare interviews to a newspaper the same day Donald Trump was inaugurated. Francis granted the Spanish daily left of centre “El Pais” an interview in which he spoke of the dangers of demagoguery and populism. he interviewer quite pointedly asked the bishop of Rome and spiritual leader of the global Roman Catholic communion and the one professed believer who is in orbit around the planet what he thought of Donald Trump. Yep — there is one member of the Roman Catholic church in orbit. & I am not talking about any of the bunch who ascended. I am talking about a real live astronaut or cosmonaut the ones with the jelly faces who can’t wipe their arses for months but are heroes nonetheless. A lot of that about too it seems. Oh yes. lots. too much I dare say.

Francis is not only very smart (popes generally are) he is a Jesuit, a type of smart person who is renowned for clever answers hence the adjective jesuitical. So just like a politician he dodged the question completely and adopted a “wait and see” position. “Let’s see what he does, we can’t be prophets of doom” is exactly what the pope of Rome said. Well if we can’t be prophets of doom then someone has to be. That is what common or garden US culture taught me as a child.

But then perhaps to show he is not away with the fairies and out of touch with the common man or woman he managed to utter a few sentences with two names together. Hitler and Trump.

write that out again.

Hitler & Trump …….. meh!

& now I am just being unkind.

Then Francis added just as an after thought.., he does good timing does that pope

“Hitler didn’t steal power,

his people voted for him.”

… “and then he destroyed his people”


masada again may not be beautiful

‘שנית מסדה לא יפה הוא

Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The Cow) upon the righteous regardless of faith jewish or christian or blaa de blaa any noodles.

thank you as always for reading.

here endeth the lesson .:.