5 Reasons to Spend Your Money on Travel

Most people travel only on vacation time or during holidays, but there’s a lot of injustice in that. We buy expensive clothes, cars, houses and what not, but in the end, all the material stuff that we gather has no meaning. So you’re driving a BMW through town and everybody looks at your car and admires it?

What’s your point with that? You are wasting your time and money for something that has no true meaning for you. There are dozens of reasons why you should spend your money on travelling the world. These 5 were the first that came to mind on the spot.

It makes you smarter

Travelling is like reading a beautiful book with pictures, but actually being inside of the book. It makes you smarter, it is so informative and it helps your mind to move. There’s such a great diversity amongst the cultures you are visiting, each and every one of them is just like an opened book for you to indulge and enjoy. The more you see, the happier you and your mind will be.

You meet new people

It’s not about the attractions or the nice hotels or drinking at pubs in London. Travel is all about the people. Whatever you read about in papers or on the internet, in 99% of the cases you’ll get to meet some amazing people wherever you go.

You’ll bond with them, craft friendships, even relationships, and that’s one of the best things that travelling does, connecting people from around the world, in a totally strange place for them, but uniting them with the sole purpose of having fun, experiencing a new culture and just being happy.

The food

One of my favourite reasons why I travel is because of the food. The culinary world is astonishing and so different from the one back home, no matter where you travel. You can actually learn about a new culture just by tasting its food, and nothing else. One of your best memories in your life will be consumed with or around food. I remember my seafood breakfast in Venice. That moment, I’ll never forget in my entire life. Perfect.

Travel is therapeutic

It really is! Travel is the one thing that really gets me over a bad week, or a bad thing that has happened to me or to my close ones. It allows me to actually get far, far away from my environment and see, feel, touch and hear new, amazing things. By simply seeing a new place, your mind will get its necessary juices that will allow it to leave the negative thoughts behind and move on. Try it, I promise you it will work wonders. It always does.

It’s cheaper than ever!

A crucial reason why travel is what you should spend your money on right now is because it is actually at the cheapest it’s ever been. With low-cost airlines and hostels, you can pretty much go anywhere in Europe with 100 Euros for 3 nights, including the hits like Paris, London or Amsterdam. Don’t waste time, as travel used to be a luxury back in the days, and you never know how long this cheap trend will last…

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