Just how low-cost is Ryanair?

You think legroom is the big issue with Ryanair? No sir, not even close…

Next Sunday, I’m flying to Berlin, Germany for work. I was supposed to fly with Lufthansa, but unfortunately they have no direct flights from Timisoara, my departure city, to the German capital, so the company booked a Ryanair flight to Berlin’s second airport. I have nothing against this, I fly low-cost all the time, but Ryanair is the epiphany of low-cost travel.


Wizz Air, the Hungarian low-cost which is the second most used airline in Europe for budget travel lets you check-in 30 days prior to your flight, with no extra costs. All you have to do is go online, add in the data that they ask for and that’s it, your boarding passes will come right out of your printer.


They are so low-cost, they don’t even let you print your boarding passes, not even 30 days before the flight, if you don’t pay a small 4 Euros fee for the service. You can print the passes 5 days before the flight, but for me that is just ridiculously cheap. You have so many things to do 5 days before the flight, there’s a huge change you’ll simply forget about printing your passes.

And if you don’t have the printed pass at the airport and encounter a Ryanair employee with a bad attitude and a long day ahead of him, chances are you’ll have to pay the extra small 50 Euros for a piece of paper with the Ryanair logo on it.

That’s always fun, isn’t it, Mr. O’Leary?

I’m ending episode 12 here. This article is part of the March Madness series. One post per day, everyday, for the whole month of March. Just because I can!

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