The faults of the fathers are visited upon the children

Iose' Magno
Aug 10, 2018 · Unlisted

It can be easy to realize how the most part of human suffering, that suffering which some believe is a proof of the non-existence of a God of Love, is a direct consequence of man’s actions. However, this topic is one of the most used quibbles from human malice to deceive many people and hamper them from going to God.

The Lord tells us: “The faults of the fathers are visited upon the children”. And we tremble before this word as we tremble before the word He said to Moses: “I am Who I am”, also said to Saint Catherine of Siena in the more terrifying way: “I am Who I am and you are the one who is not“. But we need to keep in mind that both sentences, as well as all the words spoken by God, are always words of love, and even the words of punishment contain a love that overcomes the hardness and the bitterness of the punishment itself. In this case, however, we are not in the presence of a God who threatens us with divine punishment for the faults of others. God, the Love that, before judging us, does whatever it takes to let us pass through His Mercy, which is Himself, which is Love, eventually judges us individually, not because He loves to do that but because He “must” do that, being that nothing unclean can stay next to Him. He must do that because He cannot destroy us, because Love never destroys what has been created with love. In some cases of exorcism, Satan himself came to say: “I am one of His creatures as well, and He has not destroyed me”.

By saying that the faults of the fathers are visited upon the children, God intends to say: “O men, you will suffer the consequences of your sins, in life and after death when you return to Me, but keep in mind that your sins will cause suffering and pain to your children and future generations. And you will be judged even for that. If, therefore, you pollute the environment, you will create disease, if you feed hatred, you will create wars, if you cultivate selfishness, you will create solitudes and separations, if you do not come to Me and, as if that were not enough, you also kill the moral law I’ve put in man, you will create a perverse humanity, that is turned in on itself, slave to things whose names I tell you clearly: money, power and sensuality. Living under these idols, weapons in the hands of my and your enemy, you become soulless and capable of doing every wickedness against you and your neighbor. You become worse than beasts. And I will not hear the moans of those who besides being victims are also persecutors, those who do not want to suffer but cause the suffering of others. I’ve given you my Grace! It has cost me death, because I am my Son. It took many centuries to me to turn you from savages into evolved men who are able to understand the Gospel and then I have given it to you through my son Jesus. I have let you known the scent of His holiness. Over the centuries I’ve sent you my saints — other little Christs — to give you relief, light and concrete proof, against your pride, that the Gospel can be lived.

Now let it be done as you wish. I do not create servants but spirits in my own image and likeness, which means that I create demigods, self-determined and free living beings. You all are beautiful because you are free! The Earth is a place of exile, but it is up to you to make it a sweet exile or hell. I have done everything to reduce those sufferings that, never forget it, you have condemned yourselves to live. The greatest one is the lost of my tangible presence, then there is being subject to matter, I beg you not to add any others. You tell me: “Father, but the world is all rotten!! What we can do??”. I tell you: “Be saints! My saints. Some known ones and some unknown ones. You will all be known to Me. And because you are too weak as long as you are in this exile, come to Me. Can you believe that Jesus could have joked just a few hours before he died? Why don’t you ask yourselves how was his heart while he was consuming his last dinner? I myself asked him to establish the Eucharist! I, His Father, turn every heart into an altar and, if you will be saints, that is souls who tend with honest effort to holiness, I leave the sky, I lower myself and I come to you again in a tangible way through my Holy Spirit! Tangible to your spirit as a table is tangible to the touch of your hand. Just like you can say that the surface you are touching with your hand is cold, warm, rough, smooth, also your spirit can feel my Love to be present, sweet, consoling, inspiring, giver of strength, wisdom, charity, health, and all His holy gifts that are nothing but Me. Yes, don’t you understand that these gifts are Me in my attributes? I God your Father through Jesus Christ your Lord.

Do not believe those who, according to approaches from savages that you love to call “pantheists”, tell you that I am in things, in plants, in the sun, in atoms. No! These things are a mirror of my existence and love for you, but I am Spirit, the most pure Spirit, and those who want to touch me can do it only with their own spirit, which is the noblest part of your soul, the one to which I have given the capability to “detach” from the body without causing you death and to dialogue with Me Spirit. You tell me: “Father, we have too much sin and we have lived a whole life without You, it is too late for us now”. I tell you: “Read the Gospel, read, read, read the Gospel. Giving you this gospel has cost so much suffering that you would not take it upon yourselves even for a minute. If you do not want to read it out of love, because you still cannot love me, read it out of respect. You all read so many trivia! If it got you a promotion you would be able to read a book bigger than the Bible. If it got you a parchment in which you are called “doctors”, you are willing to read rivers of words years on end and to suffer humiliations and gratuitous injustices. But you are not willing to read my Gospel! If you read it, you would understand that you, it is true, have lived far from Me, not to say that you have cast me out because I was incompatible with your life desires. You have mocked me and blasphemed me, you have taken your children away from me, betraying a pact you have signed with me in my house, and you have done me wrong many other times by harming your neighbor. But I never pushed you away. Never!

You think that love is a feeling and you give it to the ones you like — you say… “The ones who deserve it” or “The ones who know how to keep it”. But love is not a feeling, love is a Being. I am Love. And I cannot be against my nature. I do love. I only love. I love you regardless of wether you are good or bad. Read the Gospel. I am the father of the prodigal son. Have you squandered my treasure? Come to me and, as soon as I see you stand out on the horizon, I will come towards you to help you get back home. I have bestowed graces upon you such as “health” and “successes” even when you were not thinking of me a single minute of your day and you were using them badly. I was not rewarding you but those things have helped you to get to today. Do you understand? This is Me. I am your love. I am the only thing that your soul, that is yourself, can ever love. I am here to help you through this mortal time and let you earn an eternity of Peace, Joy and Love, that is an eternity of Me. Rather tell me, where else would you like to go…?


Iose' Magno

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Founder & CEO, Presence

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