Knowledge, Skills, and the Information Age

This is my first Medium post, can you tell?

I am about to write out the biggest thing that’s been on my mind for sometime now, and rather than jazzing it up like a pro writer or editor would (since I am neither, and will not portray myself as such), everything is coming strait from my mind to the touch keyboard on my iPhone. I hope you like it, and if you do not, critique professionally. Please. Here we go!

One thing I know, is that I do not currently have the finances to pursue “higher education”. What I have notice, is that I live during the best of times for seeking knowledge. Knowledge that I will need to develope the necessary skills to gain an entrance into any career field of my choosing.

Two of the biggest avenues I have chosen are wildly available during this “Information Age”. Where any and everything you need to know to succeed, can be found via the internet.

I have found many good books and articles on various topics in technology, psychology, philosophy, and business management. These being some of the knowledge pieces that I will need to build myself up to gain entrance the the next big step in my life.

I am writing this out for two reasons:

  1. I know people that are “mind-lock” into thinking they are not good enough to seek a better life. Feeling stuck because they can’t get a good job, due to the lack of knowledge or skill, in turn, due to their lack of resource for higher education.
  2. To remind myself of these things, as I’ve had recent hardships that kept me from being focused on trying to escape the “just getting by” lifestyle. Writing things down has helped drastically stirred much needed changes within myself.

I’m here to say that knowledge is everywhere, and skills are out there, ready to be found and honed. I am currently embarking on my own journey and I wanted to share this; to share that it is not impossible to be a go-getter, to make that necessary turn around. As it turns out, it has to start with making the decision and the commitment to make that change. Once you’ve made that commitment with yourself, you have armed yourself with the mental state to seek out the next steps.

Gain knowledge. Acquire skill. Never stop learning. Never settle for just “good enough to get by”. You deserve better, but you must do better to get better. Make that decision. Make that commitment to do better!

I know I will do better. I have made my decisions. I have made my commitment, and will hold myself accountable to my commitment. I will do better!

Here’s to life, in the Information Age!


Special thanks to those here on Medium who have inspired me, directly or indirectly, with their publications:

Anna Present

John Vars

Ezinne Ukoha


William Ruzvidzo

Ayodeji Awosika

Jon Westenberg

Darius Foroux

Jessica Semaan

David Kadavy

You guys are awesome!! Keep writing great articles and THANK YOU!!!!

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