With the emergence of the cross-chain technology leader Polkadot in 2021, side-chain and cross-chain technologies are now a must-have for every worthy public chain project. Since its beginning, IOST has established a set of architectures for the future development of multi-chains, in order to allow any blockchain project to connect and better carry out the exchange of information. Cross-chain protocols are equivalent to establishing a bridge between all projects, and IOST has one.

5 March 2021, IOST successfully completed the testnet for cross-chain bridge and is at the final development stage for building a cross-chain transfer bridge to the Polkadot…

September 14, 2021, ultra-fast, decentralized, and leading blockchain network IOST announces a new partnership with the Play2Earn Project- Zodium to further expand the NFT and Blockchain game sectors to the IOST ecosystem.

NFT Expansion on IOST Continues

In the third quarter of 2021, the IOST community has witnessed compelling growth in its NFT ecosystem.

The first milestone of the IOST-empowered global NFT Marketplace Revival launch was a hit in July. Built for artists, Revival strikes blockbuster sales in its first week of launch, with a total transaction volume of 1 million US dollars.

Revival NFT marketplace keeps moving forward and growing its global artists pool…

3 September 2021, OKCoin Japan Exchange announces its official listing of IOST.

The listing of IOST on OKCoin Japan marks our next important milestone in global expansion and adoption. Specifically in Japan, in 2020, IOST has been approved by Financial Services Agency (FSA), the Trading platforms supervision Alliance in Japan, successfully become the 14th compliant token on Coincheck and the 29th compliant token in the Japanese market.

The deposit of IOST will be open on Friday, September 10th, 2021. 17:00 (JST). Trading of IOST will be open on September 15, 2021 (Wednesday), 17:00 (JST)

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2 September 2021, the IOST Foundation is pleased to announce the partnership with KnitFinance to integrate IOST native token into KnitFinance multi-chain platform while creating market options and boosting liquidity for both assets.

With this collaboration, Knit Finance also plans to add K-Asset tokens for staking into the IOST staking platform that offers substantial flexibility and extremely high staking rewards to users.

Key Highlights

Through this collaboration, IOST Network will be able to utilize the cross-chain interoperability enabled by Knit Finance, to allow its native IOST tokens to be transacted across multiple independent blockchains in a wrapped K-IOST token model.

Knit Finance…

31 August 2021, IOST is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Binance Smart Chain-based AMM (automated market maker) DEX(decentralized exchange)- KokomoSwap.

The Quest for Blockchain Interoperability Continues

There are increasingly more calls for blockchain interoperability, and IOST strategically positions itself for an interconnected future. In 2020, IOST partnered with Waves’ Gravity Protocol — an interoperable oracle and communication network, for cross-chain functionality. In May 2021, IOST and Polkadot joined hands to build a cross-chain bridge.

The quest for interoperability continues to move forward. The cross-chain bridge, being developed by the KokomoSwap team, will enable interoperability across IOST and BSC, allowing the transfer of tokens (assets)…

Hello IOST Community,

As we announced at the beginning of this year, the decentralized finance protocol Donnie Finance team shall airdrop a total of 10% of the Donnie Token supply to IOST holders. The initial 5% of DON supply has been well-received and successfully distributed to the IOST community.

Since the first airdrop of Donnie token, Donnie Finance hits the headline as the top DeFi dApp built on IOST, based on DappRadar, and breaks a record of 27 million Total Value Locked after a month of launch.

August 21, 2021, NFT-Japan Inc., and RIZIN FIGHTING FEDERATION- a well-known Japanese federation that organizes and manages MMA (mixed martial arts) and kickboxing matches announced the future launch of “RIZIN FIGHTING COLLECTION”, an IOST-based NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell RIZIN digital content.

IOST Roadmap for Q3 & Q4 of 2021 is now unveiled. You can find it here

2021 Q3

  • Develop a cross chain solution to connect from IOST network to BSC(Binance Smart Chain) and collaborate with BSC based DeFi projects to increase liquidity and utility
  • Integrate with Chainlink price feed smart contract to increase security and prevent flash loan attack
  • Partner with global mobile/desktop wallet teams to increase IOST useability
  • Upgrade IOST mainnet and notify users of upgrade instructions and new features in real-time
  • Complete p2p module upgrade to expedite the account registration process
  • Develop more automated tools like mainnet monitoring…

Associate Professor. Masamitsu Moriyama, Faculty of Science and Engineering, at Kinki University and the IOST Foundation will hold a two-day hackathon from August 26 and 27 to experience product development using blockchain technology with NoCode. During the hackathon, speakers from industry-leading companies will talk about their applications of blockchain technology.

During these two days, students will work in groups to develop a product using IOST blockchain technology. They will be supported by IOST’s developers' community. On the last day, each student will present how much they have grown over the past two days, and a voting system using the IOST…

July 20, 2021, IOST-based Revival NFT Marketplace is live.

Disclaimer: All IOST DApps are developed by third-party developers. The information provided here does not constitute any investment advice. IOST bears no responsibility or liability for any loss which players may experience. Please contact the DApp team directly for any questions.

Promote Inclusivity for All Artists

The team says Revival NFT Marketplace is built to be a home for all artists and believes that “no artist is too big or too small to showcase their amazing work to the world”

While NFTs have exploded in popularity in recent months, oftentimes, the difficulties in creating and obtaining crypto assets and the fees associated with NFT transactions…

IOS Foundation

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