Clearing away the FUD

IOS Foundation
Jan 17, 2018 · 2 min read

The IOS team has noticed several social media accounts dispersing FUD about the IOS team. We understand why people can be suspicious in the crypto world — the industry is still very new and most players aren’t from traditional IT/finance backgrounds. We wanted to clarify something.

First of all, we are backed by every company listed on our website. That includes Sequoia Capital China and Matrix Capital China. The FUD we’ve heard has been related to the US branches of those VC’s, IOS is partnered with the Chinese branches (which contribute a big chunk of their profits). We are not at all nervous about our relationships with these firms and look forward to seeing this FUD cleared away.

Secondly, some of the team members have chosen to keep their anonymity to avoid the flood of purchase inquiries during presale; we are now revealing the team members through our weekly updates. you can find our first post here.

Lastly, earlier on we had an internal miscommunication about Miko Matsumura backing our project and listed him on our website. This was incorrect and as soon as we realized our error we removed him from the website. We apologize for any inconvenience we caused him.

One of the things that makes IOS special is our parent company from the traditional startup world. We are somewhat akin to OmiseGo in terms of the stage we began at. Going forwards, we believe that many more companies with good brands and good backgrounds will enter the crypto market soon. As more and more players jump into the industry after recent hype, many will build solid products that actively change the world. We strongly believe that we will be one of the stronger ones. Our team executes consistently and we are wild about the opportunities that blockchain offers.

We know there is serious hype in the crypto world and possibly a bubble, but we truly believe that blockchain technology will soon be ubiquitous. The current industry, like all industries in their early stages, is full of a mixture of true innovators and scammers. Scammers will fade after the bubble and the true innovators will be the ones shaping the global economy.

We intend to be major players in pushing this industry to a new level. We intend to build something with a long lasting legacy.

If you have any more questions:

· Our whitepaper is available here

· Our primer is available here

· You can follow our twitter for major updates here

· And you can get involved and chat with the team on Reddit here (keep an eye out for our upcoming AMA with the tech team)

IOS Foundation

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