IOS Weekly Update—Week of Jan 8th, 2018

IOS Foundation
Jan 14, 2018 · 2 min read

The past week has been extremely eventful for the IOS team! We have been thrilled to see so many people interested in the Internet of Services — 2018 will truly be an exciting year!

We are pleased to announce that we have formed partnerships with two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China — Huobi and OKEx. The IOS team is working closely with both exchanges to finish the technical details over the weekend in order launch trading of the IOS Token by Monday the 15th.

We have also been overjoyed by the amazing response we have gotten from the crypto community. After only 3 days, we were excited to see that we had 100,000 followers on telegram! Our telegram has been ringing all week long with new users entering the group and earning free tokens through our airdrop. Our referral bounty program has been a wild success and is being viewed as the paramount “growth hacking” work in the crypto community in China. We are working hard to remove malicious bots and will continue our dedication to nurturing a community dedicated to the IOS ecosystem.

We are continuously expanding and upgrading our development team. Some of our early team members who were advisors in developing our ideas, blockchain architecture and marketing strategy have decided to remain private and focus on what they love — academia. Thankfully we have added some talented scientists and communicators who are passionate about our technology and vision to the team. Chung Teng, ex-Google engineer in distributed systems with a PhD from Cornell University, has joined us to further develop our core architecture. He has previously contributed to the Linux Core Kernel and was working closely with the prestigious cryptocurrency society: IC3. We’ve also added Josh Bass, who previously worked in the New York political scene for several notable politicians. A long-time crypto enthusiast, Bass will apply his previous experiences and connections to help us with Marketing and Public Relations. Last but certainly not least, Yvonne Xiong has also joined the team. She will be in charge of worldwide community engagement from her office in New York. She was among the first to drive growth at Uber China back in 2013 for their Operations team. After graduating from Tufts University, she fueled HR and user growth at multiple startups including Drafted and Blade, invested and founded by startup veteran Paul English. She has also worked in large corporations along the Gulf Coast. Yvonne’s diverse background is crucial in helping the team understand our global community’s needs

Lastly, we would like to express just how grateful we are to our supporters and the crypto community. Great inventions require tireless work, big ideas and the courage to pursue what others would label “crazy.” Our team is filled with experts in their fields who are determined to do what it takes to build a true next-generation blockchain infrastructure. Seeing your enthusiasm for IOS has made all our work worthwhile and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store over the coming year.

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