IOST Weekly Update — April 2nd-April 9th

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Apr 10, 2018 · 7 min read

The Internet of Services Foundation is developing a next-generation, scalable blockchain that will be able to handle the throughput necessary for mass adoption. Its openness, ultra-high TPS, privacy protection, scalability, security, and adoption of many pioneer innovations provide infinite new possibilities for online service providers to serve their customer base.

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It was an extremely eventful week — We launched our GitHub, placed our Foundation’s coin supply in escrow, partnered with Chaitin Technology, and were listed on Bitfinex, among other things! We are still at the beginning of a long journey, but we are extremely blessed to have the support of our incredible community

Token Lockup

In order to demonstrate to our community that we intend to build something incredible and are planning for the longterm, The IOS Foundation has publicly locked all of the tokens that were reserved for the Foundation until the launch of our mainnet. This means that 7,350,000,000 IOST, 35% of the total supply, were locked in a public wallet which can be monitored at any time. We will announce a detailed plan for how this fund will be used closer to the launch of our mainnet.

The wallet address is:



We wanted to share more with our community about the tech development process so that they can understand why we are confident IOST will be a gamechanger for the blockchain industry. To do this, we released a portion of our code to our public GitHub on 4/8/18. Much of our code is still in the R&D phase, so we released what we could safely share in our (v0.1.0), which includes the IOS protocol, blockchain, storage, and preliminary testing of the prototype version of libraries. We will be gradually releasing more code/repos on GitHub as we develop our mainnet.

Our GitHub can be found at this address:

New Exchanges

IOST was listed on Bitfinex, a well-known international exchange, at 16:00 UTC on April 7, and opened IOST/BTC, IOST/ETH and IOST/USD trading pairs. Bitfinex is one of the world’s largest exchanges, with a daily trading volume of nearly 3 billion U.S. dollars. It is also one of the rare trading platforms that supports the recharging and redemption of U.S. dollars. We are extremely happy to be listed on Bitfinex as it represents the first US dollar currency transaction pair with IOST, something generally reserved for the strongest coins.

Simultaneously IOST was also listed on Ethfinex, Ethfinex is a Bitfinex trading platform that supports the trading of ERC-20 tokens.

This week, IOST also launched on Lesfex. Lesfex is an exchange focused on improving the user experience. The team is made up of blockchain professionals who are very cautious when analyzing online projects to ensure users have a safe trading experience.

Partnership with Chaitin Technology

The IOS Foundation is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Chaitin Technology, a top information security company. Chaitin Technology will serve as a network security technical support provider for IOST and will be leading our security testing services. They will be illuminating and investigating all cybersecurity issues faced by distributed systems. Chaitin Technology was established in July 2014 and famously jailbroke PS4 Firmware 4.01. Chaitin’s products are listed in the Ministry of Public Security in the three sales license rating as enhanced; and their customers include China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, Huawei, Bit Continental and other famous enterprises.the world’s top network information security company. You can read more about our partnership with them here.

International Growth


IOST and Binance have jointly launched an IOST token reward campaign that runs from April 6th to April 13th. During the event, the top 500 Binancians who hold more than 100,000 IOST will split a 4,000,000 IOST award. Among the users who trade more than 0.5 BTC worth of IOST on Binance during the event, 5 lucky users will share 1,000,000 IOST. The event is still running, we hope you join us!

United States

IOST co-founder Ray spoke on the Blockchain Keynote Panel at the Harvard China Forum held in Boston. He introduced the technology and vision of the IOS blockchain and analyzed the future of blockchain development. The Harvard China Forum was established in 1998 to provide a platform for Chinese and American industry leaders to engage in constructive dialogues and discuss the challenges and trends facing China in-depth. The general mission is to encourage all participants to work towards building a better future for China. The participants of this summit include Ray Dalio-Bridgewater Foundation founder, J. Stapleton Roy-Career Ambassador and Director of the Kissinger Institute for Chinese-U.S. Studies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Philipp Rosler-former German Deputy Prime Minister, Wang Xiaochuan-founder of Sogou, Da Hongfei-founder of Neo, and many other influential figures.

From Left to Right Lucille Hu-General Manager of FBG, Ray Xiao-CoFounder of IOST, Jiang Changhao-Cofounder, COBO Wallet and F2Pool


On April 4, South Korean media BitGoSu conducted a live interview with Jimmy, co-founder of the IOS Foundation. BitGoSu is Korea’s largest cryptocurrency Youtube media, with over 38,000 subscribers. Jimmy introduced IOST’s development and plans during his visit.

You can watch the full interview here.

New Advisor

We are pleased to announce Robert Neivert has joined the IOS Foundation as an advisor. Robert is currently a Venture Partner at 500 Startups, one of the leading incubators in Silicon Valley. 500 Startups has incubated notable companies such as CreditKarma, Canva and Hinge. Before working with 500 Startups, Robert served in an executive role for companies such as HighlightCam, Quest Venture Partners, and Fididel, among others. Robert received his degree from Stanford, and has been very active in helping small companies expand. We are honored to have him on the advisory board and believe he will be an invaluable asset as we work to decentralize the world. You can read more about why Robert has decided to join us here.


The IOST team is very grateful for everyone’s support and interest in IOST and we are excited to keep building the most vibrant community in cryptocurrency! After the lock-up, we reiterated that we must work together with our community to jointly create a safe, highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for smart services. We will continue to strengthen our technology, deepen the market, and bring more transparency to the process.

We are pleased to report that IOST is now verified on Etherscan! A large flaw for ERC-20 tokens is that names are not unique, now it will be easier for IOST hodlers to recognize their tokens. On the Telegram front, the number of Telegram users for our Japanese and Korean groups has risen steadily and we added an official Vietnamese Telegram channel which can be accessed at this address — On Reddit, we experienced a community growth of 11.3%, and there are now 32,344 unique accounts holding IOST!

We have also been welcomed by the Korean market. This week, the pace of development of the Korean community continued to be bright: the number of followers on IOST’s South Korea Facebook page increased from 1,000 to 2,200, an increase of 120%. On Kakao, the main forum for discussing cryptocurrency in Korea, our community increased from 507 to 903, our second straight week of 70% growth.

This week IOST achieved “first in real-time search volume” in South Korea. At 10:00 pm on April 7th, after the announcement of the launch of IOST by Bitfinex, IOST’s was the most searched coin on the Korean mainstream cryptocurrency community

First in real-time search volume on

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