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Jun 12, 2018 · 8 min read

The Internet of Services Foundation is developing a next-generation, scalable blockchain capable of handling the throughput necessary for mass adoption. Its openness, ultra-high TPS, privacy protection, scalability and security will provide infinite new possibilities for online service providers to serve their customer base.

Learn more about us on our website and interact with the team on our twitter, telegram, reddit and discord.


It was a very productive week for the IOST team. IOST added our first European hires, was listed on HitBTC — a top 6 exchange, was interviewed by several influencers and media outlets, and made further progress preparing for the launch of our Testnet this month! Read on below to see what the IOST team has been up to!

International Growth


We are thrilled to announce IOST’s expansion into Europe with the addition of three new members to our Berlin-based team — Leeho Lim, Kacper Zytkowicz and Aaron Cunningham.

Leeho Lim will act as the European Growth Strategy Lead, and will be responsible for overseeing the expansion of IOST into the European ecosystem at the intersection of business development, marketing and product.

Leeho has a wealth of experience in the European market and has previously worked in blockchain, investment banking and venture capital. Prior to joining IOST, Leeho worked as an engineer for the Litecoin Foundation developing LTC multi-sig and HD capable wallets. He also served a venture capital analyst focusing on blockchain and security investments at Paua Ventures, whose portfolio companies include Stripe, Pipedrive and Digital Genius. Leeho also has prior investment banking experience at Centerview Partners, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. Leeho graduated with honors in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.

Kacper Zytkowicz and Aaron Cunningham will join the team to spearhead operational efforts.

Kacper has prior experience as a venture capital analyst at Axel Springer Digital Ventures, the venture capital arm of the largest digital media publishing house in Europe. Notable investments include Business Insider, Group Nine Media and Pocket. Previously, Kacper also worked at The Boston Consulting Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Kacper received a B.S. in Finance and Accounting from the Kraków University of Economics, and an M.S. in Finance from Bocconi University, a top 10 globally ranked university in management and finance.

Aaron Cunningham is an experienced designer and journalist, whose clients include Sony Music, VICE and Coinsquare. Originally from Canada, Aaron is an avid digital currency investor and has long been active in Berlin’s blockchain community. Aaron received a B.S. in Design from Brock University and holds certificates for Web Development and Photography.

Leeho, Kacper and Aaron are incredibly talented and passionate about blockchain technology. They will be phenomenal additions to the IOST team as we continue to grow our global footprint.


On June 6th, IOST became one of the first seven currencies to be traded in the HT trading zone on Huobi. IOST is proud to be listed in the “innovation zone.”

IOST co-founder Jimmy Zhong said that IOST’s selection in the H10 Index as well as its inclusion in the HT trading zone shows the recognition and support for IOST on Huobi Pro and in the general market. In the future, IOST will continue to work hand in hand with exchanges to jointly promote the healthy development of the market and promote technological innovation.


This week, Jimmy was interviewed by two South Korean media outlets, Financial News and Block Media. In an exclusive interview, Jimmy introduced IOST’s vision and roadmap, and explained in-depth the role of Theseus, the IOST incubated DApp team, in growing the IOST ecosystem.

Financial News is one of the best economic newspapers in South Korea and Block Media is a top blockchain vertical outlet. Both outlets have extensive influence in traditional and social media channels. The two interviews will be released next week.

United States

IOST CEO and Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong conducted an overview of IOST with influencers Crypto Disruption, and covered topics ranging from PoB to EDS to IOST’s commitment to community building. Jimmy was also asked about the IOST roadmap and whether it would be updated to demonstrate that IOST was already a full quarter ahead of schedule. He responded that the team is too busy building to rework the roadmap. Unlike some projects, IOST doesn’t think a reworked roadmap should be an event, but rather shipped product and partnerships should hold the spotlight. You can check out the interview here.

Jimmy was also interviewed by Kunal at Bulls on Wall Street. The interview ranged from tech questions to international developments and Jimmy focused on explaining some of the differentiators that IOST brings to the table. As has become his trademark, Jimmy cut through the hype and addressed the real problems facing scalability in the blockchain industry. The interview can be found here.

Southeast Asia

In order to better develop the Southeast Asian community and increase the popularity of IOST among blockchain enthusiasts in Southeast Asian countries, IOST and Singapore’s well-known trading platform KKCoin have jointly launched a trading event. The 1,000 users with the highest IOST trading volume will be eligible to win prizes with the total reward equaling 1 million IOST and 1 million KK coins.

The event starts at 20:00 on June 4, 2018 and ends at 20:00 on July 3, 2018. Everyone is welcome to participate.

In addition, the Singapore team members also attended the “Blockchain Regulatory Environment, Legal Framework, and KYC” seminar hosted by LongHashSingapore. Three senior experts from the blockchain industry in Southeast Asia attended the lecture. Participating in this event will help IOST’s Singapore team navigate the Southeast Asian policy environment and grow a long term community.

Theseus Progress

The first decentralized game developed by Theseus is called Crypto Heroes, and an is currently being run through an internal alpha test. In the game, the player can gain equipment by defeating other players and increasing their level in combat. The Beta version of Crypto Heroes will be released soon, so stay tuned.

In order to make it easy for everyone to learn about IOST, Theseus has developed a portal IOST Community Hub. The IOST Community Hub will be open to the community in the near future. After the website is live, community members can head to the Hub to learn about the latest IOST developments and gain IOST rewards by completing community construction tasks!

The Theseus team received attention from several press outlets after releasing the announcement and also has attracted a large amount of outstanding technical talent interested in DApp development. The Theseus team is also actively planning several projects and is expected to grow to over 50 employees as soon as Q3 2018.

Developer Update

1. [Transactions] Endorsing peers signature visa and payload resolution has been put into use. The performance and function of the basic unit of any trading object has been put into use. Transaction ordering and commitment is in use. Transaction initialization, network peer verification & execution, response inspection, endorsement assembly and transaction commitment are ready for use. The whole transaction lifecycle is fully tested.

2. [Nodes]The End-user functionality and Data dissemination mechanism of the node, the guaranteed delivery of the delivery service and the whole-sequence broadcast, peer link, function execution, and Ledger’s event update are all in active use. An identity security protocol used to protect user privacy when signing, authenticating, and transferring certified attributes has been thoroughly tested and put into use.

3. [Ledger] All state modules and state transition modules, the sorting service API to be used by the sorting service, the module that sends the ordered transaction generation block, and both the base and key search functions of the query ledger are put into use. The configuration blocks for defining policies and access control lists in the ledger have been tested. The entire Ledger update process including peer node appending the block, commitment of write of each valid transaction to the current state database, the event emitting of transactions appending, and notification of whether the transaction is validated or invalidated is in active use. The full-circle verification of the correctness of transactions included in a block has been completed.

According to TokenInsight’s statistics, the IOST team submitted the code 92 times in the past 7 days, ranking seventh; submitted the code 398 times in the past 30 days, ranked sixth.

New Exchange Listing

This week, IOST was launched on HitBTC, the world’s sixth largest trading platform by volume. HitBTC will help IOST be available to a larger audience and will greatly promote IOST’s liquidity.

IOST is now listed on five of the top six global exchanges and is available across the globe!

Community Progress

After our official IOST Line account was established, we received extensive attention. We welcome our Japanese audience to scan the QR code in the picture below for more Japanese information and progress updates from the Japanese team.

We are Hiring!

The Internet of Services Foundation IOST plans to further expand our team in The United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan. We are looking for skilled individuals who are as passionate about blockchain as we are. If you believe you have what it takes, please send resumes to

IOS Foundation

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