IOST Weekly Update — March 12th-March 19th

IOS Foundation
Mar 20, 2018 · 4 min read

The Internet of Services Foundation is developing a next-generation, scalable blockchain that will be able to handle the throughput necessary for mass adoption. Its openness, ultra-high TPS, privacy protection, scalability, security, and adoption of many pioneer innovations provide infinite new possibilities for online service providers to serve their customer base.

Learn more about us on our website and interact with the team on our telegram.

Conclusion of the Slogan Contest

Thank you to all our participants! We received over 2,000 entries for the slogan contest and our team had a great time reading through all of the submissions. Some of the slogans did not meet the criteria for submission and therefore were removed from the drawing. As hard as it was to choose, at the end of the day there were 3 slogans that we felt captured the message we are trying to spread. (In order for winners to claim their IOST, they will need to private message our official twitter, @iostoken, with their public wallet address).

The Top 3 submissions were:

First Place — 100,000 IOST. @pkdaveton

“Redefining the Future of E-commerce”

Second Place — 50,000 IOST. @bibryam

“Blockchain Services at Enterprise Scale”

Third Place — 25,000 IOST. @RevPty

“Building the Infrastructure for the Businesses of Tomorrow”

You can find the article with all the winners here.

Developer Update

  • 1. [Transactions] Transaction deployment and execution on blockchain testing complete. Signature verification of endorsing peers and parsing the payload are in implementation.
  • 2. [Nodes] Delivery service module testing finished. End-user functionality of node is being implemented now. The design of data dissemination mechanism’s is finalized.
  • 3. [Ledger] All State modules and transition modules are implementing. The ordering service is being scoped with ordering service API. Supporting channel, a shared communication channel, of the service will be the next step.
  • 4. [Build Tool] Build tool and command line interface is implementing now. It’s optimized for endorsement, validation, and network/channel management.

Shanghai Blockchain Conference

Terry attended the Shanghai Blockchain Conference with advisor Ken Huang. While there he presented the PoB consensus protocol and discussed how it is shaping the future of consensus mechanism in blockchains with Toufi Saliba — CEO of Toda-Algorand, Siam — Founder of 0Chain, and Haoming Xu — Founder of CyberVein.


SXSW was billed as one of the largest celebrations of cryptocurrency in the United States and it certainly delivered on that promise. From speaking engagements to fascinating panels to networking parties at the Ethereal lounge, it seemed as if everyone we met in Austin was working in cryptocurrency.

Josh Bass, head of IOST US Public Relations, spoke several times about the benefits of decentralization and the obstacles that current cryptocurrencies face on the road to mass adoption. He also attended several high-level crypto meetups and VIP events.

Josh enjoyed attending the Crypto Summit which featured speakers like Jeremy Gardner (co-founder of Augur), Salome Parulava (Co-Founder at Moeco), and Cécile Baird (Co-Founder at Decentrl.Agency & Blockchain For Good).

Jeremy Gardner (Co-founder of Augur), representatives from BLOQspace

We also had the chance to speak with several prominent crypto teams based in Austin and were excited to see how much the crypto scene in Austin is flourishing. IOST discussed partnerships with several exciting projects and also made inroads with the Austin developer community. We’re looking forwards to returning to Austin in the near future and excited about the connections we made and the collaborations we believe they will bring!

COSINT Coverage

This week we were covered by COSINT which is a Korean media outlet that focus on blockchain Tech. COSINT introduced the IOST project goals, our key technology, the team, and our plan and partners to Korean blockchain communities. The article can be found here.

Community Update

  • The number of token holders decreased by 173 this year. The general bear trend in the market is slowly whittling away but we are proud of all our long term believers. This year will be transformative for the cryptocurrency market and we plan to be at the forefront.
  • On Reddit we experienced a 6.38% growth. We encourage all of our followers to come participate in the discussion. You can find our reddit here.
  • On Telegram our language groups experienced a 14.1% growth. You can engage with our team on telegram here.
  • This week we have opened our official Japanese twitter account which can be found here.

Jimmy Interviewed

Our CEO Jimmy was interviewed by the youtuber “Crypto Beadles” this past week. During the interview, he gave a brief and easy-to-understand explanation of IOST, explained how IOST is going to solve some existing issues, IOST’s tech vision, and recent development on the project. You can find the interview here.

IOS Foundation

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Decentralized Internet of Services

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