IOST x PureWallet | A New Wallet for Users to Explore The IOST Ecosystem!

IOS Foundation
Jun 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Wallets are a vital component of a public blockchain, providing an interface for users to interact and explore all kinds of DApps.

Today, IOSTABC, a partner node of IOST, has released PureWallet, an off-chain crypto wallet that perfectly supports multi-mnemonic and multi-private key management in the IOST ecosystem.


PureWallet will provide a top-notch user experience for the IOST community. In return, IOSTʼs global expansion and huge user base will help PureWallet to continually improve and provide high-quality services for users around the world.

IOST is one of the fastest blockchain by performance and has a developer-friendly environment, providing ideal conditions for DApp creation. As an entry to the ecosystem for users, PureWallet aims to select the best DApps and help users to increase their asset value.

PureWallet now supports IOST transactions, IOST account creation and import, voting, resource management and DApp exploration.

PureWallet will cover all fees users need to pay to create a new account. Hence, account creation is completely free of charge in PureWallet at present.

In addition, PureWallet plans to launch a series of events in collaboration with IOST to promote user experience for our community members. Stay tuned!

PureWallet User Guide

Video Guide:

  2. iOS users can search for PureWallet on AppleStore
  3. Create an IOST wallet from the homepage of the PureWallet app
  4. Import your IOST account using your private keys
  5. Go to “Discover” tab in PureWallet to play the Dapp you like!


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