With the emergence of the cross-chain technology leader Polkadot in 2021, side-chain and cross-chain technologies are now a must-have for every worthy public chain project. Since its beginning, IOST has established a set of architectures for the future development of multi-chains, in order to allow any blockchain project to connect…

21 October 2021, IOST has officially joined forces with the innovative staking service platform MyCointainer. The collaboration with MyCointainer promises to bring about a delightful staking experience for IOST investors on the MyCointainer platform.

MyCointainer will integrate IOST cold staking system in which you delegate your IOST (IOST) to the…

30 September 2021, Theotex Group HD’s subsidiary & blockchain consulting company “NFT-Japan Inc.” and the pioneering, high-performance next-generation blockchain IOST have formed a strategic partnership to share their know-how and develop blockchain-based products and boost their ecosystem.

In this partnership, RIZIN FIGHTING COLLECTION (RIZIN FC), which is operated by NFT-Japan…

IOST Foundation

Decentralized Internet of Services

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