The Economic Case for Fighting Climate Change
Gina McCarthy

Smart connected products (IoT-Internet of Things) can help us to create jobs that address Climate solutions. In the Harvard Business Review, Michael E. Porter says: “The past decade has been characterized by internal cost reduction, cautious investment, higher corporate profitability, rising M&A, and muted innovation across large parts of the economy. This path has resulted in slower job growth, slower improvements in wages and living standards for the average citizen, . . . The era of smart, connected products can change this trajectory, provided that companies move aggressively to embrace the opportunity. Business and government together will need to equip workers across all groups with the skills to participate, and agree on the rules and regulations needed to set standards, enable innovation, protect data, and overcome efforts to block progress (such as auto dealers’ political opposition to Tesla).”

Here’s a video slide presentation about how IoT can cut waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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