Dot — Launching August 23rd, 2016

Dot — The Future of Smartphone Notifications (Media Kit)

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We are so excited to tell you all about Dot! We decided to put our media kit on Medium so that it’s easier to read and access. We hope this page will get you as enthusiastic about Dot as we are! Enjoy.


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What’s Dot?

Dot is a beautiful, smart part of your environment

At this point, we’ve crammed a huge amount of information into our smartphones. Often times, it’s difficult to break through the noise to find relevant, important information. Over the past year, our team has made it our mission to streamline and improve people’s lives by organizing their information by the right time and place. We wanted to make smartphone notifications more intelligent and contextual.

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Introducing Dot, the physical push notification that tells your phone where you are so that it understands your behaviors and patterns in the places that make up your life (bedroom, living room, garage, backyard, work, car, etc).

Dot serves a dual purpose: it provides ultra-precise location data to your smartphone, and allows users to create extensible, interactive interfaces anywhere. This combination creates an invaluable asset when dealing with data — context.

Here’s how it works

Proximity Sensor

Dot has a Bluetooth 4.0 proximity sensor that can precisely track your location with 200 feet of range. All you have to do is place it somewhere important and determine what kind of information you would want to receive in that area.

Software Platform

The proximity sensor communicates with our smartphone application (iPhone and Android) so that when you walk into an area, different triggers execute.

It’s modeled after IFTTT; users can make anything happen based on location tracking. We have different apps that a user can tie to their Dot. It’s extremely easy to swap apps in and out and customize settings.

App customization (left) and our app store (right)

We’ve improved upon IFTTT by building a free app store. Users can submit and download apps created using our Dot API. Most of the cases we’ve made are ~100 lines of Javascript!

Internet of Things enabled LED

The final hardware feature of the Dot is the LED that changes color based on different information. The IoT LED light allows your smartphone to convey relevant information at a glance. Our goal is to filter existing information using context, giving you the shortest, sweetest message you need.

What can Dot do?

Dot sends you notifications only when you need them

Early on, we recognized that people would have a multitude of different uses for this technology in their lives. So we built it with the intention of letting people pick and choose which applications would most benefit them. Dot has an endless amount of applications. The following are a few, illustrative examples.

Digital Post-it Notes: Post a message on a Dot for another person. They’ll receive that message on their phone when they walk into range. It’s like sticking a note on the fridge: you only see it when you need to.

Smart Home Control: With precise location tracking you can control all your smart home devices by walking into a room. Lights can turn on or off, the coffee machine can start, and the thermostat can adjust to your preferences. Dot is a flexible, inexpensive alternative to smart home controllers.

Dot is compatible with many forms of smart home technology.

Contextual App Launching: Dot enables your smartphone to open up apps you frequently use in specific areas. Imagine getting into your car and instantly being routed home as your favorite Spotify playlist blasts through the speakers. Dot uses context to streamline your life.

Location Notifications: Dot can enable your smartphone to send you updates when you walk into a new area. Use this as a personal secretary when you walk into work in the morning or as a chore reminder when you enter your garage.

LED: Dot changes color when you walk into range, making it the ultimate signal shortcut. Dot can track reminders, weather, stocks, food spoilage, energy conservation, etc.

Dot’s LED is a passive reminder; It allows you to keep track of things like medication.
Use Dot at work to be a persistent light for notifications you might otherwise miss during your busy day.

Product Specs

  • Price : $20 per Dot
  • Diameter: 1", Width: .5"
  • Battery Life: 6 months to 1 year
  • Website:
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Replaceable Battery, Open Source
  • Launching August 23rd, 2016 on Kickstarter
Here’s a huge app logo!

The Team

We are a group of UC Berkeley engineers and entrepreneurs. We share a love for consumer electronics and information processing. We have experience in everything from Aerospace to Crowd-Sourced Marketplaces.

Our Ultimate Vision : What is Context?

Context is the next big innovation in computing. Computers exist in cold metal boxes, bound by digital walls. They understand almost nothing about the real world. And how can they? Our smartphones have very little idea what we’re doing throughout the day, whether we’re relaxing on our bed, doing chores, or working on business. What would happen if our smartphones became aware? They would interact with us based on our different circumstances. They would send us different information as our day changes. Context makes our smartphones exponentially smarter.


We take data privacy seriously. We never store your location information or send it to third-party services. All location data is processed locally on your device and is never sent back to our servers.

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