A Word from Karla Hawkinson, Founder of iotaGift.com

May 13, 2014 · 2 min read

The core of what iotaGift.com is all about is people helping each other. So when I can say the company is doing good it’s not just numbers — it means people are Asking for, and Giving, help.

Each and every time a request you give to is Funded you can be proud to know you helped #MakeADifference.

As part of our outreach efforts iotaGift participates in the Moffett Field Collaborative (that’s the Moffett Field Historical Museum in the photo above), a group of organizations that provide resources and support to veterans. When we last met Catholic Charities expressed an interest in using iotaGift to help the homeless veterans they serve. Please take a look at our first request from them, and pitch in to help this vet.

We recently hosted a table at two Yellow Ribbon events for members of the Army National Guard 1113th Transportation Company. The soldiers have returned from deployment and are now looking for civilian jobs. This is a great time for iotaGift to help them out between active duty and full time employment. And it was exciting to meet Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and answer her questions about iotaGift.

iotaGift also traveled to Elk Grove, CA to host a table at the Hometown Heroes Resource Fair, an event for veterans. We were able to sign up several veterans to make requests. And we got to meet Congressman Ami Bera. (It must be an election year!)

We appreciate your continued support. Please visit the website to see some of the needs we are helping to fill. If you can please share some of these stories then together we can #MakeADifference.

~ Karla Hawkinson, Founder of iotaGift.com


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