IOTA: In case you are waiting for Q…

One of the biggest announcements which awaits the IOTA community is Q:

Many are wondering, whether Q will be released in Q1 2018. Lately, there have been news (all of the screenshots are taken from Discord, IOTA’s main community channel, on March 15th 2018) as David Sonstebo, IOTA’s co-founder puts it:

So here’s the bottom line of what David said:

  • they are entering a new epoch this month (i.e. March):
  • it’s the silence before the storm
  • they are hiring the best talents
  • scalable structure in the Foundation
  • much more streamlined development
  • Trinity wallet
  • new website
  • Hub IXI (which will make it easy for all the exchanges to add IOTA)
  • they are innundated with a lot more requests than they can handle

News regarding Q were:

  • it’s not a simple deployment
  • there will be a “spectacular” way of announcing it with lots of information
  • it is not important if it’s end of March or April (but the way he phrases it makes it very likely that it will happen then)
  • nothing has changed with regard to the project/Q

So this all boils down to the fact that IOTA is facing massive improvements: You hardly saw the devs around in Discord the last weeks — now we know why: The Foundation is restructured to comply with legal requirements (Germany!) which in turn will make it a lot more efficient.

Once it is running on that level, the new exchanges will boost user numbers and the (yet under NDA) partnerships will foster adoption. Remember that said on the interview with Ivan that basically all the big exchanges will list IOTA once the IXI Hub is running.

We don’t know what Q is — but we know that it must be big.

Maybe we will soon know more because Dominik, Co-founder of IOTA, will be on one of Germany’s most famous late-night shows — millions will watch this:

And CfB has not yet published his 1000th tweet which must be special (He is IOTA’s CTO, who knows about Q):

We cannot but wait, but I guess there are bright times ahead…


I hope you liked this short update. You may also read my other articles.

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Chris Mueller (aka IOTASUPPORTER)

Written by

Hey. I’m German and I have started writing about IOTA on New Year’s Day 2018 — I cannot code but writing is my way of supporting this great project of IOTA!

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