IOTA: The Foundation answers

Today, IOTA had some very interesting news for all the interested people:

1. The AMA provided valuable new insights and information

Due to the high demand of interested yet doubtful people, the IOTA foundation agreed to host another AMA (= Ask me anything) about IOTA. Among the Co-founders were alsoFoundation members like Oliver Bussmann (EX-IBM and UBS-CTO; IOTA foundation member).

In order to provide a brief overview, I decided to sort the answers to certain “headlines”:




IOTA’s future

  1. Build up the IOTA Foundation as a globally operating organization, with key people and organizations from all industries being represented in the Foundation.
  2. Achieve the reliability of the software and the network (1000CTPS = Confirmed Transactions Per Second); Dom said previously on slack that his is the goal for 2018!
  3. Form more strategic partnerships
  4. Foster our permissionless ecosystem, and enable more and more people to build stuff with IOTA (especially do startups!)
  5. Lots and lots of use cases.

Smart Contracts

Banks / Financial sector


IOTA hardware

Cogniota (this is about machine learning, link)

Companies / partnerships


2. The Foundation’s response to the DCI attacks

A few weeks ago, a tiny subdivision of the highly-renowned MIT, made a criticism of IOTA which did not follow the rules of a scientific peer-review. Since it was obvious that the accusations were not meant in a collaborative and helpful, but rather in a destructive way, the IOTA foundation decided to de-construct the ways in which IOTA was meant to be harmed: If you believed in what these allegedly renowned scientists said or if you are in doubt about IOTA Foundation’s transparency I strongly advise you to read this article.

3. Connection to Huawei has been made public

As Jimmy Xiong mentioned on Twitter, IOTA was introduced at the Huawai NB-IOT Partner Annual Meeting in China:

If you cannot understand Chinese, I suggest to read what Mrs.Peng said via the google translator. One can be certain that influential people were listening to her…

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