How do you display unity?

Safety pin
Fight song
Brand name
Greek letters
Team jerseys
School colors
Political party
Holding hands
Bumper sticker
Care for another
Share worldview
Motorcycle wave
Secret handshake
Knitted pink cat hat

What is on your list of unity indicators?

Hearing English spoken in the crowded market when I am far from home brings a sense of comfort. Seeing a Washington Redskins jersey while visiting my daughter in Texas prompts a high-five with a stranger.

Ties that bind are often stronger than blood. Soldiers form deep bonds during battle and return to family and friends that cannot relate to the intimacy forged by war.

We thrive in a community because we have a common unity. The core beliefs are the foundation of the group, but the magic of connection happens on the fringes. The ideas and experiences that are not common elicit eruptions of new creativity and concepts into the community.

Who are you in unity with?

What emotions do you experience when you think of these groups?

How has this unity enriched your life?

How do you inject diversity into your groups to keep them growing?

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