Iotex Geeks
Mar 8 · 2 min read

IoTeX Geeks is running for IoTeX delegate. We have outlined our delegate details and plan on our website. Have a look and consider voting for us.

In a nutshell we want to create a wallet specific for IoTeX, and overtime we will add features specific to IoTeX. So imagine a desktop wallet specific for IoTeX on it’s own network, support for hardware wallets, support for voting and caters specifically for IoTeX network features. Yes, you heard me… more MEW or ETH based wallets!

To show we mean business and can do what it takes to make an IoTeX wallet we have released our Virtual Telegram Wallet where you can send ETH based IoTeX tokens as payments to telegram users or as tips to telegram users in groups.

Send IoTeX to Telegram Users

But that’s not all, we will be doing airdrops to all IoTeX Geeks supporters that are active in our telegram group. Air drops will be done daily and at different times throughout the day.

IoTeX Airdrops

You may ask why we say “Virtual”, well it is simple. To avoid gas fees on the ETH network all tokens sent and received works on our own internal transaction database, then when you are ready to withdraw yout IoTeX tokens it will be deposited into your ETH based wallet. All withdraws will get charged a gas fee. In future once the IoTeX MainNet is released we will make updates to use native IoTeX tokens and make transactions direct between IoTeX wallets.

Sounds great? Well the proof is in the pudding, have a look at our video on how to get started with our first release of the IoTeX Geeks Telegram Wallet.

IoteX Geeks Telegram Wallet

Then join us in our telegram group to test your IoTeX Virtual Wallet and receive IoTeX airdrops

Hope you enjoy and will support our delegate

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