Who we are: an introduction to iotxplorer

We are iotxplorer. An open source collective dedicated to adding value to the IoTeX network. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and being fair, transparent, and rewarding to the community.

The founder of iotxplorer is Jason James (whom many in the community will know under pseudonyms of Kits or Cryptweeter). Jason is a chemical-engineer-turned-computer-scientist who switched career paths after being captivated by DLT and cryptocurrency. He is currently responsible for the development of the iotxplorer block explorer and staking dashboard. Jason was one of the very first IoTeX Brand Ambassadors and since the beginning has formed a good relationship with the IoTeX core team and community through many different avenues, often operating behind the scenes alongside his day-to-day job.

Our mission is best summarised by our 4 goals:

The iotxplorer mission

Always Add Value

Arguably the most important aspect of being an IoTeX delegate is that we must be a positive force in the network. We must strive to create value everywhere we can. We will do this by using block rewards for funding and our public profile for community exposure. Value-add items include incubating dApp development, reinvesting back into our own network architecture, hosting community meetups, and more. We are so committed to this concept that we are dedicating a bare minimum of 10% of all rewards be used to support community-based dApps, web apps, and tools.

Reduce Risk (Transparency)

Forthcoming transparency, communication, and expressiveness supports each of our core values. Our reward structure will be clear. Our network specifications will be clear. Our value commitments will be clear. The value that we create and add back into the network will be measured. We have already developed a social media presence for all who wish to to interact with us. We will be regularly sending out newsletters, tweets, blog posts, Reddit posts, AMA’s and more so that the community always feels like they have access to us, and we are not a black-box delegate. Pertinent to this goal is our upcoming rewards reporting tool which is currently being designed and will be released very soon.

Legitimize Cryptocurrency (Education)

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The internet of things, blockchain technology, and certainly cryptocurrencies are difficult to understand concepts for many. Education across the entire spectrum of potential IoTeX users is a crucial part of legitimizing it as a network and facilitating adoption. Users and non-users of IoTeX should have accessible and simple materials so that they can understand why it is so special and how they can use it to improve their own lives. A significant portion of our block rewards will go towards this cause in the form of informative videos and articles, and we will use our platform to distribute these materials as widely as we can. In addition, we will provide scholarships and grants to outstanding students who display clear passion and motivation to educate themselves and others in IoTeX related fields.

Provide Real Utility (Technology)

Providing real utility is an extension of the Always Add Value mantra. In many cases only focusing on value can be a pitfall which causes individuals to forgo real utility. We at iotxplorer want both. We want IoTeX to become the network that people decide to use when they want real work done. We want useful applications, useful partnerships, useful data generation. We want a useful network. To facilitate this we will not only need the resources to develop useful applications but we as a delegate will do our utmost to provide an environment where useful and demanding applications can thrive. As such, we have researched extensively into how we can run our hardware in the most efficient and performant way, and this will not stop now. As time goes on we will continuously iterate and tweak our hardware to be as optimal it can be to create a low-latency and highly scalable network environment for all users.

In Summary

As a community-based delegate the community is extremely important to us and is the center of all our ideation. Having been a part of the IoTeX community from the very start and being founded by one of the very first official Community Leaders, we are well in tune with the needs of the community and what is expected of us, and we will work tirelessly to achieve our mission.

We hope that iotxplorer will be allowed the privilege to be one of hopefully hundreds of consensus delegates securing the IoTeX network.

Thank you for your consideration.

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We are always looking to expand! If you wish to contribute to the block explorer, reporting tool, general web design or wish to suggest another project, we want you! Please join our telegram channel or email contribute@iotxplorer.io.