Uber, cyber serfdom and the entrepreneurial union
Laurie Macfarlane


I have tried Uber from the driver perspective and so have a couple other professional I know curious and looking for a little extra money, let me tell you, for drivers Uber sucks or to be specific for drivers in the United States. From a passenger perspective it's great, because it’s cheap but Uber makes it acceptable for passengers to be cheap too by telling them that their 90 cent a mile includes a tip giving the passenger a cheap excuse not to bother consider tipping the driver using their personal vehicle, spending non reimbursable expenses like, fuel, insurance and maintenance. Uber will in a moments notice drop the rates for passengers, while lowering the earning potential for drivers all the while not lowering their take of 20%-30% (depending on your vehicle). Every new requirement Uber is mandated has a cost and they don’t care because they just roll the expense over to the drivers. Uber wants drivers to make deliveries but want the drivers to buy their bags. I don’t see how in the long term Uber keeps drivers, “good people” drivers in the United States. Read the blogs of the many drivers who are complaining and you will see total contradiction of the promotions Uber pushes in its campaigns. Uber may be great for us as riders but it’s not so hunky dory for those drivers- After they substract; cost of gas, mileage, maintenance and Uber’s hefty fee and no tips they are not left with much, let me tell you not much unless it’s a holiday.