The Election (Just Another Opinion)

Last night at my in-laws house, we were having dinner and my wife turned to my daughter and asked “What do we say about Trump?” and he, who is two years old, turned and said “booooooo”. Now like most grandparents, they chuckled but for some reason I didn’t find it funny. Normally something like this I would find cute and hilarious but for someone who doesn’t believe in forcing children to believe in anything they can’t decide for themselves (like religion, politics, etc) I turned to my wife with disbelief who quickly shut me down by saying “I can teach them whatever I want” which is a whole other story in itself that I can save for a later time.

I do not consider myself a very political person, I don’t claim any particular party, and although I have my own beliefs on some topics, I don’t push one way on some topics simply because there are usually two sides to every issue.

For some reason though, this election has really bothered me. At first like most people, it was Trump who bothered me. His deliberate attacks on different races, genders, countries, etc and his ignorance to the general guidelines of politics just drove me crazy. For the record, don’t get me wrong, his running mate bothered me with certain items as well.

As the election gained steam and then came to a close I noticed something. I noticed that people just didn’t give a shit anymore. Back in 2008 when President Obama was elected, people were excited, like a fresh breath of air. Besides that fact that it was our first African American president, I think people were just happy to see change.

Fast forwarding now to 2016. President Obama has been in the office now for 8 years. We have had our ups and downs just like every other presidency but for the most party, it went pretty smooth. Generally speaking, come election time, the excitement is in the air, you see a country coming together to welcome a new leader, not this time. This time I saw rage, hostility, bigotry, and sexism but not just from the running mates, from our country.

I literally had to take a step back, look at myself, my country and my peers and ask “what year is this?” . The the actions of everyone are making it seem like it’s 1861 all over again and here we are in a country where gay marriage has become legal, medical marijuana is becoming legal, an African American was the president, a woman was running for president, and yet we are all still bigots?

Have we really never grown up as a country? Did we really just recede back 150 years? I don’t care that Trump is President, hell I don’t even think he’s part of the problem. I think the problem is us as a country. We voted for him, clearly the majority of the country feels a certain way and it scares the shit out of me.

Sure we can flock to Mexico, Canada or some other country but for what? We have had horrible Presidents in the past. The problem isn’t who is running the Country, the problem is the people.

We as a Country need to get our shit together. Stop putting blame on the leaders and blame yourselves and work on our own improvement collectively.

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