News Diary 9/1–9/5

Over the weekend I was able to view and learn about the news in a few different ways. Although I used various platforms to view the news, the one thing that remained the same for about every single thing I read. I used my iPhone to hop from platform to platform taking in all the recent news.

The platform I used the least was probably Facebook. The main reason why was because Facebook might be the worst source due to its SmartAds. So realistically the things I’ll see are articles that relate to what I’m looking up on the internet. Sometimes this is effective, but most of the time I just see fake articles and links to stuff I’ve searched for on Amazon. Facebook was actually pretty useful over the weekend. I was able to see parents and friends provide updates about Port Jervis football, which included score updates and pictures. I was able to keep up with a glider competition being held at a local airport that I used to go to all the time with my family, I was also able to see my local police department post the mugshots of the people they arrested over the weekend. Cool stuff.

Over the weekend I’d say Youtube, Twitter, Bleacher Report and Instagram were the main platforms I used. Bleacher report gives me all the news on my favorite sports teams, which is super convenient because being a broke college senior means that paying for cable is too expensive. So I was able to get news about the Packers final preseason game, Nevada’s first football game of the year, and much more.

Instagram was another helpful source I used. The explore feed usually shows me links to posts that contain news I actually want to see. Yes, it’s similar to facebook’s smartads. However, Instagram gives me a better sense of credibility. It does so mainly because the accounts I see news and other updates on typically share what they read from reliable sources online. It just makes me day a little easier so I enjoy this method. I didn’t really get the chance to use instagram over the weekend to learn about the news. I mostly stayed off the platform.

Youtube has become an efficient way for me to see news. Youtube categorizes their videos pretty well so the “Breaking News” tab is just a click away. Here, I can watch videos that highlight the important details of each story or breaking news headline. This might be one of my favorite ways of receiving news simply because I spend most of my time on youtube anyways. Over the weekend I was able to keep up with the news by viewing the “Breaking News” tab. I was able to catch highlights from the Nevada game, see videos about Houston, get updates about my favorite youtubers, and follow other pop-culture news.

Twitter is easily the platform I use more than anything. It’s almost impossible to go on the platform and not see some type of news. From stories “trending” or being highlighted in “moments,” Twitter is the place to find news on social media. This past weekend I was able to keep up with college football scores and get updates about what was transpiring down in Houston using twitter.