How to Find the Best Cloud Storage Service Provider?

Cloud storage services are ideal for both personal as well as corporate use. In fact, to stay ahead of the competition, all companies need to invest in one or the other form of cloud storage solutions today. This IT sector is booming today with thousands of small cloud storage service providers popping up all over the globe. Small business owners can often be overwhelmed with the choices of service providers in the market.

If you are searching for the best cloud storage service providers on the market, here is how you can find the one that fits your requirements perfectly.

Give them a Test Run

If you have shortlisted your preferred vendors already, test them in a controlled environment. When you experience the cloud storage services first-hand, you will know what you are paying for. Get your IT team up to speed with your requirements so that they can perform comprehensive tests. While some cloud storage service providers may offer excellent download/upload speeds the others may offer excellent storage space. List down your top 5 priorities for the selection and then test the various vendors on the same.

Check Their Disaster Management Skills

The uptime of the service is a major criterion for most large as well as small businesses. The top cloud storage service providers offer a 99.9% uptime on their services. They also follow the best practices for disaster management and recovery so that your data is always safe against hacking and phishing attacks. You can check their disaster management skills by giving them a short critical scenario and asking them to solve it in a limited period.

Check Their Portfolio

The best service providers will often have a strong portfolio. This portfolio will suggest how they have provided cloud storage services to some of the largest organizations in the world. Ask for all the technical specifications of their services well in advance so that you do not face any unwelcomed surprise down the road.

Look for Scalability

Small businesses need a highly scalable environment to facilitate overnight growth. The best service providers can increase your storage capacity from the back end within a few seconds. They also offer temporary renting services so that you can leverage the power of virtual machines under peak demands.

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