Lifeless on the Beach

She will walk on nothing but uncharted waters. Into the sea of wandering hands and cold shoulders. Her course is set before the sails are opened. There is no captain on earth that can tell her to go ashore before then.

But does she know of that shipwrecked heart of his?

He stands on the rough sand with a bored sad smile. Looking at the foolish girl and her aquamarine eyes. His tenderness is marooned from too many goodbyes. His unapologetic springs from mirages of long lost mermaids, too painful to forget and too real to be dismissed.

He scorns the acting captain, who never tastes the the harshness of the wind, who never weighs in how many failures and how many storms that a heart can endure before it gives up and stop to lay anchor on whatever part of the world before it sinks.

Does he know she is offering him a safe haven? Does she know splinters of his heart can cut through her skin as well and make her bleed?

How can you tell the difference between waiting and enduring?

Before they know it, the aquamarine fades from her eyes. The smile wither from his lips. They are both as they are.

Lifeless on the beach.

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