Personal Comfort Zone. Reimagined.

With today’s constant pressure to be connected and working within busy environments, comfort and privacy are rarely an option.

Whether you’re scavenging for power outlets at the airport, rubbing shoulders at the coffee shop, or trying to find a seat in the waiting room, finding peace can be a burden.

eCapsula is a portable work, lounge and meeting space designed with comfort, privacy and connectivity in mind. From ideation to engineering, design and production, we are determined to change the way people work and rest while on the go.

eCapsula’s streamlined design compliments a variety of high-traffic locations like airports, hospitals, universities, shopping malls, public parks and more. Users can simply sign up with our mobile app, purchase an available time slot, and take advantage of eCapsula’s variety of features. You can enjoy wifi, tv, and gaming from our comfortable recliner seating . And from the outside, passers-by will notice built-in digital advertising screen, allowing advertisers to use eCapsula to share their message with the public.

Built with durable, non-toxic materials, eCapsula is equipped with a fully-adjustable climate control and air purification system. This ensures personalized comfort during use. And should something go wrong, we’ve included a range of high-tech safety features including distress signals, motoring sensors, emergency power, and quick evacuation plans. eCapsule can even contact local 911 services automatically.

Comfortable and functional interior with dimming lights, reclining and moving seats, complete privacy and a number of useful services and features at your disposal.

Each eCapsula is equipped with a large outside digital billboard that allows to streamline marketing and advertising campaigns for 3rd party content providers. Ultimately all eCapsula’s will become part of a large network for digital distribution and advertising.

eCapsula will have a website and mobile apps allowing users to book time on the spot or in advance. You will be able to find the closest eCapsula as well as other useful features.

Obviously every new idea and concept (especially disruptive ideas and concepts) have certain risks and challenges associated with them. We know that. eCapsula is a new concept, however, all it’s parts from hardware to software are all based on existing modern technologies. We are not reinventing a wheel. We are combining existing technologies into a single useful and functional unit. That is not to say that there are no challenges facing our team. We have plenty. We are working very hard on designing and developing the most efficient, functional and safe model, that people will enjoy using.

Ilya Pashkov — Chief Design Officer
“One of our goals is to establish eCapsula as an architectural attraction, functional yet futuristic.”

But today, it’s only a concept. We need your help to make the eCapsula a reality. We believe that eCapsula will become a common part of the contemporary landscape.