A Great Moment

“Peter broke in, “Master, this is a great moment! What would you think if I built three memorials here on the mountain – one for you, one for Moses, one for Elijah?” While he was going on like this, babbling, a light-radiant cloud enveloped them, and sounding from deep in the cloud a voice: “This is my Son, marked by my love, focus of my delight. Listen to him.”” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭17:4–5‬ ‭MSG‬‬

Just the other day (in chapter 16) Peter had said one wonderful thing and then followed it up with a serious gaffe. Here he is according to the translator ‘babbling’ again. It was a great moment to see the glory of Christ for a moment as He was transfigured before their eyes. It was a moment of revelation that called for worship.

Memorials or monuments had long been the way the people of God remembered the acts of God to encourage themselves. There are several of these in Joshua for example. But a memorial or a monument sadly doesn’t influence for too long because we tend to forget.

So as Peter is ‘babbling’ about memorials and monuments they are overshadowed by a cloud out of which God the Father speaks about His love for and pleasure in Jesus. He goes on to tell them (Peter, James & John) and us to ‘listen to Jesus’, to obey Him. That ultimately is much more important than any grand memorial we may construct.

In our journey with Jesus we will encounter God in moments like this where we sense His presence and hear His voice. The key takeaway from those moments is a heart that will worship and obey. The Scriptures say ‘to obey is better than sacrifice’ and that is what Peter and we need to hear. God wants our hearts. Over and over again that was the effort of Jesus with His disciples and continues to be with us. In Jesus we are now ‘marked by God’s love and are the focus of His delight’ – to live for His praise, pleasure and purpose.

Let’s do that in every great and ordinary moments of life.

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