The Message

The good news of Jesus Christ – the Message! – begins here, following to the letter the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. Mark‬ ‭1:1 MSG‬‬

We’ve correctly thought of the message of the Bible as this good news of God’s great love for us shown first through the way He deals with a chosen people and then through the message that Jesus and His apostles preached. In this first chapter of Mark’s gospel itself we have Jesus declaring ‘the message of God’s kingdom’. We call this message good news because it is. This is news however of what God has done. And in that sense news is historical. It’s a reporting of what has happened. It’s a narrative about events, people and the circumstances that they went through. Consequently we have sometimes tended to treat this a little impersonally.

What is most important for us therefore is to grasp that this good news, this message is crucially and primarily a Person. God in Christ is the main message of the bible. He is the gospel, He is the message. He is in Himself the good news. It’s news about God’s actions in Christ and the ongoing nature and effect of those actions.

That is why this news is personal and calls us to relate with in personal ways. News in our newspapers or other media is ‘out there’ but God in Christ calls us to experience this news ‘in here’. We cannot therefore engage with this dispassionately; the news of the Person of Jesus calls us to personal action. This news comes to us, to our lives and wants to affect and shape it. Has that happened, is it happening? Because this is current news everyday. This is a daily engagement with God in Christ allowing Him, the Main Message to influence the way I think, feel and act. To the point where those that see me can hear the Message because my life has now become a witness to this Message. That is the ultimate aim of all our lives. May it become true for each one of us.

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