IP Cameras Can Help with Garage Fires

People do not put smoke detectors or fire alarms in their garages and a fire inside your garage can quickly catch into your home. One way to keep tabs on your garage in case there were to be a fire is the use of an IP camera.

Put an IP Camera in Your Garage

If you install an IP camera in your garage, it will be able to let you know if you were to ever tragically have your garage catch on fire. The sooner a fire in your garage is caught, the sooner the firemen will be able to get into your garage and home to put the fire out for you. It is very important to catch the fire as soon as possible because you definitely do not want the fire to reach inside your home.

Do Not Rely on a Memory Stick in Your IP Camera

It is very possible that your IP camera would be completely burned up if your garage were to catch on fire. If you store all of your security camera recordings on your IP camera’s memory stick, it is very likely that it will prevent you from knowing how the fire started in the first place. It is very important to store all of your IP camera security recordings off-site just because of this reason. You want your IP camera to let you know that a fire is in your garage but is going to also be important that you know how the fire actually started so you can be proactive in fixing the problem. If your IP camera were to get damaged in case of a fire, all of your security recordings will stay safe in the cloud.


A garage fire is a perfect example when using the use of cloud storage should be used for all of your IP cameras. If you have an IP security camera in your garage and a fire were to take place, you could be alerted as soon as possible about the fire and will also be able to hopefully see how the fire even started in the fire place. It is very convenient to store all of your footage off-site but it also simple to do. When something unwanted does happen in your garage, no matter if it is fire or whatever else, your IP camera is very likely to be damaged but what the footage of the IP security camera shows is going to be very valuable to you. Just think, if a thief were to get into your garage to steal and damage things, if they see an IP camera, one of the first things they are going to try to do is to damage the camera so you do not have proof of them being there and taking things that are not theirs. If you are looking for an IP security camera, it is very important to use a storage service that is off-site.

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