In this report, we present the market landscape around your inputted keywords. Included are:

Organizations — companies & startups that are actively working within your keyword’s field.

Assignees — organizations with patent portfolios related to your keywords.

Investors — Investors with investment activity within your keyword’s field.

Technologies — patents matched with your keywords

Inventors — active inventors with patents matched with your keywords

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On the Left-hand side of the homepage you will see:

  1. The primary & secondary keywords inputted to generate the report.
  2. The number of businesses & technologies present in the report.
  3. The industry categories & classifications sorted through to generate the report. …

A patent search is a fundamental part of research & development, whether you’re a large corporation or an independent inventor.

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Of course, it’s extremely important to understand the IP landscape to make sure you’re not infringing on any existing IP; but today patent searches are being conducted for other reasons as well. Conducting a patent search can be a great way to visualize the competitive landscape around your r&d efforts, along with getting inspiration on how your innovation can fit well within the market. …

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Innovation is key in surviving & thriving in a competitive landscape.

If you look at the most successful companies in the U.S, they are constantly innovating with products and services while carving out a sustainable competitive advantage. These companies work towards innovating new products and services around the clock, constantly investing in research & development, intellectual property, and market research. So what are the most innovative and successful companies in the U.S? What do these companies do to be so innovative, and what are some of the biggest innovations that they brought to their industry? Here are the top eight most innovative companies in the United States.


You may have never heard of Alphabet, but you likely constantly use their products and services. Alphabet is one of the world’s largest technology companies, being the parent company of Google and many other companies like Calico and DeepMind. The Google brand has been known as one of the biggest innovators in the tech world, constantly pushing the limits of technology. Alphabet and Google have ranked as one of the most innovative companies almost every year for the past decade, simply because they constantly push out products and services. The company’s portfolio is massive and diverse, including various software products as well as hardware. Alphabet puts a major emphasis on innovating and adapting to industry trends, which is why the company has dominated the internet and tech worlds for the past decade. From Google reinventing the way we search for and consume information on the Internet to DeepMind’s work with artificial intelligence, Alphabet is constantly innovating and it has really paid off. …



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