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Steve Case

Dear Steve,

Thanks for this opportunity. There are three ideas I would like to share with you.

1. Let`s elaborate the inefficient government statement with some facts. WEF has a report on that with most efficient and inefficient governments. We could ask the question why USA shows only an average performance. What does that mean for the future? A Deloitte “Government Efficiency” report from 2015 explains four steps (innovate — scale — measure — incent) governments being efficient. Singapore Government has the special ministry for efficiency, which kind of support your recommendations. My Opinion is implementing a CXO, who has the notion implementing efficiency measures and freeing up the time of government employees for being creative. These days information overload and the question “What should I remember?” is one of the biggest problems. If you we recognize that the new productivity is actually creativity, it is easier to deal with problem. US government could establish a department called “Ultimate Creativity”, instead of efficiency or productivity and work on root-causes of today`s challenges.

2. One of the important start-up hubs is Estonia, offering e-residency, which allows you register a company for 190 EUR online. Especially, after Brexit, they are getting more popular. Please check the hashtag #Estoniamafia to have an overview of the startup ecosystem.

3. For R&D expenditure of government, I would also bring relative and absolute figures of the world`s best such as Switzerland, Singapore etc. World Bank Data could be helpful on that.

Kind Regards,

Ipek Uzpeder

Future Strategist

Twitter: @Ipackthefuture

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