Collection of Coders Games to Improve Your Skills

Hey there! Sometimes we need to entertain and relax a little bit, but we can do it with a benefit of ourselves. Today we’re going to review a collection of sites which will train your brain and improve your coding skills.


  • Codecombat — is an awesome multiplayer game which helps you learn to program, not a gamified lesson course.
  • Screeps — the world’s first MMO strategy open world game for programmers.
  • Git Game — is a terminal game designed to test your knowledge of git commands.
  • Elevator Saga — your task is to program the movement of elevators, by writing a program in JavaScript. The goal is to transport people in an efficient manner.
  • CodeChef — you can solve real problems and participate in different contests which are performed on the monthly basis.
  • Codingame turns solving into a game where you receive points for every group of test you’ve passed.
  • is a series of puzzles and tests which measure your knowledge. To pass the series you have to solve and analyze a lot.
  • Pex for fun — a game from Microsoft where you compete with other coders. Your weapon — code.
  • Rankk — you have to solve problems from easy to hard ones. It is a reincarnation of the old game called The Pyramid with logics and maths tasks.
  • TopCoder — here you can not only solve but also earn real money. Developers from all other the world are challenging each other in problems from popular IT companies in order to receive their prizes.
  • Google Code Jam — algorithms puzzles which were solved on Google contests. Try yourself.
  • Python Challenge — the player passes different levels by coding on Python.


  • Lumosity — collection of games for brain training created by scientists and game designers.
  • Algorithm Geeks — Google developers community.
  • CodeKata — programming problems. They’re rather witty.
  • LessThanDot — specialized forum topic where coders put their hard challenges.
  • The Daily WTF — is like a Bring Your Own Device, but Bring Your Own Code. Here coders put their snippets which allow to solving nontrivial tasks.
  • Peking University JudgeOnline for ACIP/ICPC — this contains problems from different contests. You can solve and check them in real time, and your solution will be checked.
  • University of Valladolid Online Judge — one more site like Peking University JudgeOnline with other problems.
  • Programming Praxis — this blog publishes new problems weekly.
  • Project Euler — huge collection of hard maths problems which will make happy any enthusiast.


  • 4Clojure — here you can learn Clojure by solving easy and hard problems.
  • Prolog Problems — this one offers you to practice in logical programming.
  • Ruby Quiz — weekly Ruby puzzles.
  • Codingbat — lots of problems for Java and Python (with different difficulty).
  • Cyber-dojo — here you can code under the control of the site moderators which will check your solution.
  • Sphere Online Judge — different coding problems of different kinds.
  • Code Wars — programming languages tutor in eight languages.
  • Rosalind — learn algorithms and bioinformatics by solving real problems.

Pre-interview Practice

  • LeetCode — this service was created to prepare coders for their interviews. Here you will find typical problems from different topics.
  • Career Cup — the most actual questions which will be asked for coders.

Originally published at on February 1, 2016.