Collection of Telegram Bots for Geeks

Ilya Pestov
May 16, 2016 · 4 min read

Hey, everyone! As said Ben Eidelson: “The comfort of messaging has had real consequences in making it the most engaging and popular activity on our most personal devices”. This has formed changes in the paradigm of user experience. The messenger is “browser”, and bots are “web application”. They allow you to receive any necessary information instantly. Today I want to share with you the most useful ones and show how you can pump your Telegram.


The bot connects to your repository and notifies about various events in it. Moreover it allows you to reply to comments without leaving the Telegram. I also want to mention @gittrendsbot, which broadcasts the trend list of GitHub.


Statsbot is a powerful Analytical Companion. You can add Statsbot to query data from Google Analytics in natural language right into your Telegram. Also it automates the process of sharing these data sets and graphs with your team. So if you want to see sign ups this week just type: “@statsbot: signups this week”. Do you need to check sources of mobile users? — It’s easy: “users last month by source for mobile”. Statsbot supports all metrics, dimensions and custom goals from GA.


Very useful bot allows you to use temporary email addresses with 10-minute self-destruction.


Pomodoro is one of the most popular GTD techniques. The point is simple: the work is divided into periods of time of 30 minutes, which are called “tomatoes”, where you work for 25 minutes without distractions and 5 minutes of rest. Pomodoro Bot automatiseret control this technique. It measures the “tomatoes”, sends notifications and shows statistics for the day.


Bot-searcher which will take an answer to any your question. Based on the knowledge base of Wolfram Alpha. Wolframbot understands queries in a natural language.


It can convert .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt and .jpg files into .pdf. Send one and will get the PDF.


Handy solution for creating a poll in your team. Pollbot allows with ease to configure a poll options in group chat and to get a stats with results.


The first anti-virus bot ever. Ensures safety of files and links transferred via Telegram by checking them on the fly. You can write to the bot in private, forward suspicious messages or add the bot to the group chat.


Bot-translator based on Yandex technologies. Bot works in inline mode which allows to talk to new people from all over the world.


Useful set of commands for developers: base64 encoding/decoding, converting colors from hex to RGB, checking JSON validity, URL encoding/decoding and many other things.


Ilya Pestov

Written by

Startup hunter, analyst, bot evangelist. Ex-CMO at Statsbot.

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