Top 50 Free Vector Icon Sets

Ilya Pestov
Jan 25, 2016 · 6 min read

Hi! A good freebie is always good to have. Today, I honored to present to you a huge collection of 50 gorgeous free vector icons sets. The key rule by which I was guided — to collect really the best works, but not the more the better.

There a many discussions about what approach is better: Icon Font or SVG sprites? And developers doesn’t have a clearly answer on this question. But you can make you choice because icons are available in different formats: @font-face, SVG, EPS, AI, PSD, Sketch.

In overall it’s more then 10 000 icons covering many wide categories: Interface, Tech, Science, Activities, Care, Marketing, Transport, Interaction etc. Outlined, filled & colored, in Flat, Material, Elegant, Cartoon, Hand drawing styles. Enjoy!

Responsive Icons (100 Icons, PSD, AI, EPS, SVG)

Icon-Works (130+ icons, Webfont)

Feather (130 icons, PSD, SVG, Webfont)

Linea (730+ icons, SVG, Webfont)

Icony (100 icons, SVG, PSD)

Free iOS Icons Pack (100 icons, PSD, Webfont)

Touch Icons (340 Icons, PSD, AI, SVG)

Simple Line Icons (100 icons, AI, EPS, SVG, PSD)

Themify Icons (320+ icons, SVG и Webfont)

Elegant Line-Style Icons (100 icons, AI, SVG)

Pixeden Icon Font Pack (170 icons, Webfont)

Summer and Essentials Icon Set (50 Icons, EPS, AI, PNG)

Webicons (100 Icons, AI, EPS)

Stroke Icons (80 Icons, PSD, AI, Webfont)

Microns (231 Icons, SVG, Webfont)

Outlined Icons (150 Icons, PSD, SVG, AI, Webfont)

LineIconSet v1.0 (200 Icons, EPS)

Someicons (153 Icons, EPS, SVG)

Universal Icons (100 Icons, SVG)

Flat Color Icons (300+ Icons, SVG)

Iconia (100+ Icons, Webfont)

Typicons (336 Icons, SVG, Webfont)

Geoph (80 Icons, AI, PSD)

Evil Icons (70 Icons, SVG)

Stroke Gap Icons (200 Icons, AI, PSD, SVG, Webfont)

Unigrid (100 Icons, AI)

Amenities (100 Icons, EPS, PSD)

Elegant Icons (360 Icons, Webfont)

Lightwing (60 Icons, Webfont)

Tonicons (500 Icons, EPS, Sketch, Webfont)

Epic Icons (1000+ Icons, Webfont)

Lynny Icons (900+ Icons, EPS, AI)

Helium (100 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG, Webfont)

Essential Icons (77 Icons, EPS, PSD, AI, SVG)

Dripicons (95 Icons, Webfont)

Cinema (200 Icons, SVG)

Open Iconic (200+ Icons, SVG, Webfont)

Twig (100+ Icons, SVG, Webfont)

MFG Labs Iconset (160+ Icons, Webfont)

PrestaShop Icons (300+ Icons, EPS, Webfont)

Subway (300+ Icons, Webfont)

Entypo (400+ Icons, Webfont)

Fundation Icons (100+ Icons, Webfont)

Ionic Icons (~750 Icons, Webfont)

Material Icons (~1000 Icons, SVG, Webfontg)

Font Awesome (1000+ Icons, Webfont)

Free Part of Huge Paid Sets

Squid Solid, Flat and Line Icons (150 Icons, EPS, AI, PSD, SVG)

Roundicons (60 Icons, PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, AI)

Retinaicons (200 Icons, AI)

Swifticons (92*3 Icons, EPS, AI, PSD, Sketch SVG)

Ballicons 2 (36 Icons, PNG, SVG, PSD)

Originally published at on January 25, 2016.

Ilya Pestov

Written by

Startup hunter, analyst, bot evangelist. Ex-CMO at Statsbot.

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