39 Interesting Ways to Use the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in Your Class — Part 2

Ready for more examples of the IS-01 in actions in the classroom? Here’s part 2 of the 39 ways to use IS-01.

11. Try a different approach with interactive games and apps
Interactive games can really reach reluctant learners or simply those who learn in a different way than others. TeacherLED has some high-quality (and free) interactive resources for whiteboard use, from math and English exercises to puzzles that improve thinking skills. Check them out.

12. Rub and Reveal
Cover the answer to math problems, history questions and more with a colored pen trace or shape. You can then reveal the answer by using an eraser tool, as this video demonstrates. It’s an elegant way to add a touch of excitement to the usual question and answer session.

13. Build a library of annotated images
You can use IPEVO Annotator’s capture function to take screenshots of webpages, reading material, or pretty much anything that appears on the screen. Then, you can annotate over the top of it and then save those images (with annotations) into an archive or library for later use – either for you or for your students to refer to. Just make sure you have the proper permissions for those images!

14. Take a trip with Google Earth
With its comprehensive maps and integrated photographs, Google Earth can help students explore the Earth’s surface in a way that just wouldn’t be possible with a world atlas book or a plastic globe. Virtually explore a national park, for just one example.

15. Explore the solar system
Here’s just one of many interactive apps that let you see the planets in orbit as well as constellations, moons and other cool interstellar stuff. Astronomy apps are made to be played with while students learn through experimentation and discovery, and that’s what IS-01 does really well.

16. Have students present their own work in a creative way
Want to add a little spice to a book report? Task students with creating a simple multimedia presentation to accompany their report. They can then use the IS-01 to step through the presentation.

17. Enjoy trivia time
There’s nothing like a little Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy!-style trivia to add variety to the day while still keeping the learning going. Post questions and categories on the whiteboard and select (or eliminate) answers with the Interactive Pen.

18. Improve classroom behavior
By incorporating interactive elements to the classroom, behavior can actually improve at the elementary school level as students wait their turn for a chance at the board. Check out how this teacher characterized the change in her classroom after the IS-01 was put to use.

19. Create group stories
Have students take turns contributing to a running story by adding their own sentence or word to the board. It’s an effective way to build storytelling skills and get everyone involved.

20. Identify parts of speech
Put a jolt into English class by making it interactive. Many apps out there feature “parts of speech” questions in which students must pick out the correct word or punctuation mark.

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